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Tugboats are the little mighty helpers of the ships in harbors or out in the sea when they have trouble. Swarozyc was one of them.

swarozyc tugboat plans download

She was built in 1944 by Amsterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (ADM) as an icebreaker tugboat and delivered to POLIMEX Polish Export & Import Co. In 1950’s transfered to Polish Government, Polish Ship Salvage. She was scrapped in 1979 by Radunia Repair Yard at Gdansk.

The tugboat plans are quite detailed and distributed to 4 sheets. Hull lines, profile plans, deck plans and deck equipment are given seperately.

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Frank (Ex. Carl)

Here we have another steam tugboat. Frank was built in 1905 by Stülcken Sohn in Hamburg Germany. The total Length of the tug was 16.4 m and width was 4.7 meters. I made a brief search on web but couldn’t find so much information. Her ex name was Carl and was registered to the port of Hamburg. And there is a plate written BH7647 on it.

frank tugboat 1905 hamburg dampfschlepper

The model ship plans are on two sheets. The quality is very good. There are profile plan, the deck plan, hull lines sheer plans. The plan set has everything that you need to build this little beauty.

Thanks our friend Piotr for adding this plan to the archive.

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Saint Charles

steam tug saint charles model ship plans

Steamer tugboat Saint Charles model plans. She was built in 1918 by Chantiers de la Loire shipyard for French Navy under the name “Coq” . She had other sisters and she also give her name to her class.  Then it seems that she continued in civil service. In 1943 her boilers were converted to oil heating. In 1955, the fore part was rebuilt. In 1957 the steam engine was replaced with a Krupp diesel and a hydraulic clutch was added. Two generators were installed to the space left from the boilers. In 1980, she was sent for scrap.

model tugboat hobby saint charles tug plans

The length between perpendiculars 42.75m . Width: 8.25m . Full riveted construction.

The scale model plans are not in high quality but allows you to build a model tugboat. The plan set is on two sheets. She is a beautiful tugboat. Have fun!

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Ocean Rescue Tugs Bars and Jahuar

scale model hobby rc bars ocean rescue tugboat

We have two Soviet ocean going rescue tugs here. The “Bars” and “Jahuar” . Yeah as you guessed, their names mean “Leopard” and “Jaguar” . The sister tugboats were built in 1978 in Leningrad.

They have high speed and maneuverability. They have so many rescue equipment on board including diving gear and decompression chamber. This feature also give them exploration vessel facility. But mainly it is for patching, welding or inspecting underwater. There are pumps capable of pumping 3500 cubic meters of water in an hour.

hobby scale model plans bars jahuar ocean going tugs

The stern bitt can withstand 300 tons and the drum 60 tons. The ships are also equipped with fire fighting gear.

Can not find so much info about them but they seem to have name changes. They may even be scrapped already…

The plan set are high quality tiff images. Scale model ship plans are very clear and easy to read. There could be more details but still enough to build a model ship.

scale model building hobby bars tugboat model

Parts on the plan set: (direct translate by google)

1 – anchor-hole corner, 2 – anchor Hall 3 – Fender, 4 – bow towing Clusaz 5 – bow anchor lantern lamp 6 – mooring hawse, 7 – the ship’s bell, 8 – rubbing beam, 9 – storm porch, 10 – pnevmokranets 11 – bow cargo boom, 12 – side lantern, 13 – magnetic compass binnacle, 14 – Spotlight 15 – master stream nozzle, 16 – foremast, 17 – lantern lower masthead fire, 18, 22 – Emergency fire lantern, 19, 21 – radar antenna, 20, 24 – lantern tug fire 23 – antenna finder, 25 – lantern klotikovogo fire 26 – radio antenna, 27 – davit, 28 – locked motor lifeboat 29 – the crossbar for exercise Crew, 30 – chimney, 31 – control cabin aft cargo boom and towing winch, 32 – mainmast, 33 – second upper lantern masthead light, 34 – second lantern klotikovogo fire 35 – aft cargo boom 36 – railing, 37 – bleeder divers, 38 – lantern wakefield fire 39 – lantern gakabortnogo fire 40 – towing bitt, 41 – towing arc 42 – aft towing hawse with roller, 43 – aft anchor lantern fire 44 – rudder, 45 – mooring cleats, 46 – directing nozzle propeller 47 – cargo winch aft boom, 48 – topenantnaya winch, 49 – cage divers to descend, 50 – gangway, 51 – board keel, 52 – large working boat 53 – small work boat, 54 – boat winch, 55 – automatic inflatable liferaft container, 56 – gyro repeater, 57 – cargo winch bow arrows, 58 – tunnel thruster, 59 – front cargo door, 60 – damper for cable 61 – remote control spiers, 62 – volnootboynik, 63 – Windlass, 64 – screw anchor chain stopper, 65 – chain stopper anchor chain, 66 – Deck Clusaz 67 – cap klyuzovoy pipe 68 – Fan, 69 – towing bollard, 70 – similar to the forepeak hatch, 71 – bulb.

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In 1908 a new little tugboat was launched by Schiffswerft und Maschinenfabrik AG and it was named “Gebr”. In 1939 she was sold to another company and renamed Saturn. Her name stood unchanged since then. She stayed in active service until 1955. From that day she worked as a shipyard tugboat until 1979. The vessel was one of the last fully riveted and steam-powered ships of  Germany. Since 1980 she is on display at ship building museum in Rostock

saturn tugboat hobby model ship plans 2

She is 16m long, 5m wide. She has a double expansion steam engine which produces  sweet 140 hp, 4 bladed propeller.

saturn tugboat hobby model ship plans

The plans of the tugboat were messy sheets of scanned papers. We tried to restore it for you. Hope we could help it somehow. Now there is a single page of general plans and hull lines plans. And few additionals for deck machinery. She is a very cute harbour tug and i think she would look quite nice as a model tugboat in your home or office.

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Our passion about our hobby gives us the courage to get things fixed sometimes. This scale model plan set was scanned from an old hard copy and was in 24 sheets which were in terrible shape. It took me some hours to get the blueprint parts together to form a complete scale model ship plan. I must say i am not the best at restoring plans but i think now you can build a model out of this model ship plan set. I tried to clean as much as i can so you’ll get clean prints. Now it is on 4 pages.

hobby stanislaw model tug plans maritime ship

Well the tugboat’s name was written Stanislav on the folder, but on the plan it is something like “Staniskaw” . So i am not also sure about the name. I couldn’t find anything on web about a real tugboat like this. If you are from Poland and you know about this tug, or you think that you can find info, please contact us.

The plan set is one of the most detailed ones in the site. It has almost everything drawn onboard. Even the chart table :) So you can get this tugboat ready piece by piece. Enjoy!

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We were not able to give enough information about Emilka and we did not have her pictures. But thanks to Piotr S. Szadkowski, now we have some info.

emilka mini tugboat model plans

Emilka was a prototype of a harbor motorboat (or Mini-Tug) designed for mooring, maneuvering and towing tasks , by engineer Waldemar Piłat from PROREM Industries. She was build in 1982 in Tczew River Shipyard. EMILKA served in Gdańsk Shipyard and she’s still in service.
Development of the project are M-35\MW Motorboats, which are still in the service in polish navy. There were seven units built for the Navy, but only M-22, M-12, M-21, M-35 are in service right now. (in 8. Coastal Defense Fleet), the M-36 served in Maritime Border Guard Department.
These little ships can carry 7 passengers or 2.5 tons of cargo.

emilka little tugboat scale model ship plan

An easy model ship plan to work with, the set is very clear and all the deck equipment is drawn additionaly. And there is not so much deck equipment we can add =) .

Click here to download Emilka model tugboat plans

Harbour tugs of Bilbao Alai, Zabal, Ur and Aitor-Uno,

This plan is very available almost in every model ship related web site, but we should also add it to the archive, since our aim is to collect all of them in one place. We also tried to gather some information about the tug, since there are not so much available in other places.

Alai tugboat model plans 3d rc model

Four tugboats were built with this plan which were named Alai, Ur, Zabal and Aitor-Uno . They were built by Astilleros Ardeag Bilbao Spain. Aitor-Uno in 1978, Alai in 1980, Zabal in 1982 .  They are four of Bilbao’s harbor tugs with Gatika and her sisters we published before.

The plan is a single page with profile, deck plans and hull lines. Quite clear and understandable. Some photos are included. Enjoy building!

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Eppleton Hall paddle steamer tugboat

Another beautiful piece of history is here again. Eppleton Hall is a beautiful paddle steamer tugboat and surely she will be a good example to make a scale model ship.

eplleton hall paddle steamer tug plans 1914

She was built in 1914 by Hepple and Company for Lambton and Hetton Collieries ltd. She was designed to tow coal ships to and from river Tyne. She also towed the new built ships to North Sea. She had two independent steam engines which allowed her to manage the paddles seperately. And by this feature, she could turn around in her own length. After serving long years, she was sold to scrap in 1967. She waited for her destiny flooded and damaged on a mud bank till she was rescued by San Fransisco Maritime Museum. To read more detailed story, click here.

The scale model plans are quite clear and detailed tiff files. It would be easy and fun to build her model.

click here to download Eppleton Hall’s plans

Odys & Arion

Ships used to be ordered at least by pairs by the companies. The aim was if one gets out of use, they could use that for parts to support the other identical ship or ships. After this little detail, we can introduce two sister tugs. Odys & Arion from Poland. Arion was built in 1979 and Odys in 1980 by Naval Shipyard of Gdynia . They are 35 m long, 9m wide and have the draught 5.2 m. They are equipped with CPP. I couldn’t find so much info about the sister ships but they seem quite tough and powerfull!

See Odys in action in the video below.

If you want details in your scale model building plan, this plan set is a treasure for you! Every part of the ship is drawn for scale model builders. You can build any equipment with reference to the drawings. One of the best plans in the archive i can say.

Here is a small gallery of Odys and Arion.

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