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If you are searching for scale model plans of a modern tugboat, Gatika is perfect for you. Tugboat Gatika has the latest achievements of tugboat design. The plans are quite good and waiting for you to build her. There are some distortion due to scanning but i will try to clean it and upload again.

gatika-tugboat-voith schneider

Gatika has 3 sisters named Getxo, Gernica and Galdames. They are designed for escorting, harbor manuevering and offshore operations. They have two Voith Schneider Propeller, which is the most sofisticated propulsion system on vessels. If you are curious about how it works, check this video out:

She is also equipped with fire fighting gear.  Some specifications :

length : 29.50 m.

Breadth : 11.00 m.

Depth : 4.00 m.

Draught : 2.50 m.

Power :  4.500 h.p.

Speed : 12.6 knots

If you are planning to build RC model of the tug, now the scaled voith Schneider units for rc are available from several manufacturers.

click here to download the plans

French Steam Tugboat Actif 1939

French ministry of defence used to publish these plans but now they shut their servers down. Actif is a steam tug, and the plans are original shipyard blueprints. Unfortunately i couldn’t find any information about this tug. You’ll notice that there are also mine layer rails added to the plans. So probably this tugboat was also used in mine laying operations.

Actif 1939 french tugboat mine layer plans

Click here to download Actif scale model plans

Dutch Harbor Tug

Tugboats are a different passion in modelling hobby. It is nice to build their models and they look beautiful mostly. Here is a dutch harbour tugboat . Don’t get the “Dutch Harbour” wrong. We are talking about the country Holland, or Netherlands not the Alaskan Dutch Harbour :) Dutch ship building industry gave us good examples to make model ships. Their coaster fleet was legendary i can easily say and i hope i can find some sources to share with you.

dutch harbour tugboat

This set of plans is very clear and the tug seems easy to build. It may not seem detailed enough but there is not so much equipment on the deck. The superstucture is also simple. So here you go with your new model ship plan. Enjoy your hobby!

Click Here to see Philip Reardon’s Scale Model Dutch Harbour Tug

Click here to download the plans for free

Hermes Tugboat Plans

Hermes Steam tugboat plans download

Here comes another scale model tugboat plan set. Hermes is a beautiful twin screw steam tugboat. The plans are clear and detailed. Hermes is also suitable for rc model building. She is a twin screw tug, and this means more fun for RC models. There are also some pictures included with the plans. The plans are in two sheets. Enjoy !

Click here to download Hermes Tugboat Plans

Strongbow Paddle Steamer Tugboat

Strongbow paddle steamer tugboat plans

If you are looking for paddle steamer tugboat scale model plans, now you are at the right spot. Strongbow is a beautiful tugboat. The plans also include details of the paddles, and it is a nice challenge to build all working paddle models. You can easily get the mechanic from the plans.

This boat is very suitable for rc model building and would be easier to include radio control features than a propeller equipped ship.

strongbow paddle steamer scale model plans

I searched for a real photo of the ship but couldn’t find it. There are pictures of previously built scale models which may also help as a tutorial. You can find some by clicking here. You can also give a shot for the steam engine :)

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Elbehafen 1 Fire Fighting Tug Plans

Elbehafen Fire Fighting Tugboat Scale Model Plans


If you are one of scale model tugboat fans, Elbehafen is perfect for you! The plans are very detailed from hull lines to deck equipment. Unfortunately i couldn’t find any more pictures of this babe.

Elbehafen was built in 1971. She is an ice breaker tugboat equipped with fire fighting gear and a tall mast to reach upper decks of ships. She was sold to Chile in 1981. That is all i could learn about it… There are some pictures of previous built models, you can google them.

Click here to download the plans


Soviet River Tugboat Plans

River Tugboat Scale Model Plans

free scale model plans river tug

If only i knew some Russian, or had an idea on Kyril alphabet to tell you a bit more about this set of free model tugboat blueprints. This boat  has a shallow draught and a curved propeller house for serving in shallow waters. Actually it is hard to tell if it is a tugboat plan or a service boat plan but a tugboat makes more sense. The ribs are drawn in half, so you can flip and draw the other side. This plan seems easyy to build except the strange aft structure and anchor area. 

So here you go with another plan set to build scale model. Please send us pictures of the models you built from the plans you downloaded here. We will be happy to see.



Click Here to Download River Tug Plans.



Granit Anchor Handling Tug Plans

Granit Offshore Supply Vessel – Anchor Handling Tug Plans

Free model ship plans keep coming! This time, a tough girl “Granit”, an offshore supply vessel, anchor handling tug. It would be so nice as RC model. The plans are quite detailed. The scanning is not so good but i’ll be posting the plan in one piece later. Plans of the ship includes lines plan, rigging plan, general arrangement plan and some detailed drawings of the equipment on deck.

Free Model Ship Plans for Granit Anchor Handling Tug

Some specifications about Granit:

Vessel type:Anchor Handling Vessel
Gross tonnage:1,313 tons
Summer DWT:999 tons
Length:64 m
Beam:14 m
Draught:5.2 m

You can see pictures of Granit by clicking here. Shipspotting.com is a great helper for scale model builders. Of course, if the ships they want to build have photos in the database.

Click here to DOWNLOAD Granit Plan Set.

Klimek Tugboat Plans

Free Model Tugboat Plans for Klimek Tugboat

Klimek Tugboat Plans are perfect for model ship building hobby. They are specially prepared for model building. There are some drawings that ease your way especially on the curvy shapes of the gunwale. It is not so easy to find blueprints which aims to build scaled models.


These free model ship plans include detailed drawings of the Tugboat Klimek and some information in Polish. The plans include detailed drawings of all the deck equipment. There also some example pictures from previous built models. And i recommend you guys to check the previous built models of Klimek Tugboat here. You’ll notice that the plans were downloaded from freeshipplans.com earlier… :)

Click Here To Download The Plans.