scale model ship plans Panna Wodna

Panna Wodna

Sometimes, during their life span, ships can be transformed for other purposes. Panna Wodna is one of them. She was actually built as WW2 mineswee...

swarozyc tugboat plans download


Tugboats are the little mighty helpers of the ships in harbors or out in the sea when they have trouble. Swarozyc was one of them.She was buil...

Ottoman istanbul trade boat kancabas

Ottoman coastal trade ship

There are some boats which are very distinctive, which have the unique design of the waters they are sailing in. Once Constantinopole, now İstanbu...

ss emanuel cargo ship plans

S/S Emanuel

S/S Emanuel was built in 1907 by Helsingør Skibsværft & Maskinbyggeri Denmark with yard number 115. During her carreer, the ship got the names...


alemdar gemisi yeni fotoğraflar

Danmark’s voyage to become Alemdar, hero of a town

I have been researching about stories behind ships for a long time and when it comes to local ships, can't say that it's an easy work. Turki...


MV Northia istanbul shipspotting

Shipspotting at Istanbul Straight

Well, it's a very usual thing for Istanbullers to come across a steel wall while they are trying to ...

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ss martha poster


We told about the story of S/S Aslaug before, so this is the movie shot onboard her.The movie Martha was shot in 1967 and became a c...