hobby maritime julia passenger boat plans


After the second world war ended, Europe was trying to get back on feet. On those hard days, it was not so easy for Poland to build brand new ships or...

Andrea Doria cruising model ship plans scale model hobby

Andrea Doria

We have published the sad story of Stocholm and Andrea Doria and shared the model ship plans of Völkerfreundschaft (named Stocholm after...). Now ...

flora emilia model cargo ship blueprints

Emilia & Flora

Little coasters are generally quite beautiful eventhough esthetic is the last thing to consider for a cargo ship. The sister ships M/S Emilia and ...

model hobby Far Barcelona tall ship schooner plans blueprints

Far Barcelona

The schooner Far Barcelona is a real piece of history. She was built in 1874 in Hardanger, Norway with the original name Anne Dorthea. She was des...


the loftsman

Want to learn Lofting, Half Hull Model Making, Boat/Shipbuilding?

Want to learn Lofting, Half Hull Model Making, Boat/Shipbuilding While having a great learning vacation/holiday Then the Sherbrooke Shipbu...


M/V Becrux livestock ship documentary

M/V Becrux and her first class passengers

 Our four legged friends pack their suitcases, wear fancy clothes and run to the docks ...

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Wanna have some good time? This Wes Anderson movie is a good choice for that.The story is about Steve Zissou, an oceanographer (a we...