model fishing boat fethiye balıkçısı plans blueprints

Fethiye Fishing Boat

If you are a frequent visitor of this website, you might have read a lot of complaints about how hard it is to find traditional local boat plans b...

Boruta - Rokita model ship plans livestock carrier


We have another rare type of scale model cargo ship plan set here. This time, livestock carrier ships Rokita and Boruta are on the yard! The model shi...

zryw 1 hydrofoil blueprints

Zryw 1

A new type comes to model ship plans. Zryw-1 is a hydrofoil, a kind of fast ferry. The hydrodynamic surfaces under the hull acts like a plane wing...

scale model ship plans Panna Wodna

Panna Wodna

Sometimes, during their life span, ships can be transformed for other purposes. Panna Wodna is one of them. She was actually built as WW2 mineswee...


Fethiye fishing model boat building guide 10

Fethiye Fishing Boat model building guide Part 1

In this page, i will translate Nebi Yıkaroğlu's model Fethiye fishing boat building experiences to you from his own blog. If you want to dow...


MV Northia istanbul shipspotting

Shipspotting at Istanbul Straight

Well, it's a very usual thing for Istanbullers to come across a steel wall while they are trying to ...

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ss martha poster


We told about the story of S/S Aslaug before, so this is the movie shot onboard her.The movie Martha was shot in 1967 and became a c...