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Ottoman coastal trade ship

Ottoman istanbul trade boat kancabas

There are some boats which are very distinctive, which have the unique design of the waters they are sailing in. Once Constantinopole, now İstanbul have always been a center of trade. And this boat was the coastal trade ship back in 16th century according to the earliest known evidences and they survived till mid 19th century.


They were generally sailing in the sea of Marmara, Bosphorus and the nearby shores. The length of them were 15-20 meters and they were built around the gulf of İzmit and İznik. The dimensions on the plan which was drawn in 1855 are given as 15m length, 3.83m beam and 2m of depth. These boats were called “Kancabaş” which can be translated as “hook head” directly. I know there was another kind of small boat which was also called Kancabaş, a relatively smaller boat with one or two pairs of ores.


Fatih Karalar, a Turkish modeller built a great model of the İstanbul Trade Boat. It will be a great reference for you to build your own. All the pictures in this post are taken his website, which you can visit by clicking here.

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French Schooner Yacht Velox

This beautiful schooner yacht was designed by Jacques-Augustin Normand. She was built by Chantiers et Ateliers Augustin Normand, Le Havre and  launched in 1875. Total Length of the yacht was 42.21 meters. Load waterline length 37.50 meters. Width of the vessel was 7.2 meters. These measurements can assist you when you are scaling down the model yacht plans.

hobby Model yacht plans velox

The model yacht plans are distributed in two sheets. Sections, deck, layout and sailplan on one, and Lines, frames, interior layout on the other.

The layout codes are as following:

A: Owners Cabin
B: Cabins
C: Toilet
D: Hall
F: Saloon
G: Dining Room
H: Officers’ Mess
I: Captain’s Cabin
C: Bunks
M: Buffets
N: Pantry
O: Second Officer’s Cabin
P: Lockers
Q: Cook’s Cabin
S: Galley
T: Washroom
U: Quartermaster’s Cabin
V: Mail room

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Schooner Vega

schooner vega 1902

Sail ship model builders are going to like this. Cause Vega is joining our fleet. Most of the time it is hard to get details about historic ships. Vega is one of them. We are not a hundred percent sure about her details. She was built in 1902 in Livonia. And her initial name was Taara. She was used as a transport vessel, then she became a training ship. More than 2000 sailors were trained onboard her. Also the movie “Deti Kapitana Granta” (Captain Grant’s Children) was shot onboard her by directors Vladimir Vaynshtok and David Gutman in 1936. Unfortunately in 1941 this beautiful ship was sunk by aerial bombs in Mariupol.

You can watch the full movie below.

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Far Barcelona

Far barcelona tall ship plans hobby

The schooner Far Barcelona is a real piece of history. She was built in 1874 in Hardanger, Norway with the original name Anne Dorthea. She was designed as a fishing transport vessel. She was carrying 660 barrels of herring from North Sea to main consumer markets. She was also used in seal hunting.

hobby far barcelona tall ship plans

The ship sailed in Norwegian merchant fleet from 1874 till 1975! Despite all the minor technological adaptations, the ship kept her original dimensions and shape. Between 1975 and 1990, she changed several owners and sailed in Norway and Mediterranean Sea. In 1990, the ship moved to Barcelona, and her restoration was completed in 2006.

model hobby Far Barcelona tall ship schooner plans blueprints

She is 33 meters long and 6.76m wide. She has the capacity of 15 people. She joins the tall ships races and she was the oldest ship in the last ones.

The plans are not in a very good quality but they are very clean. So you can enlarge and use them.

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model yacht plans blueprints hobby craft

Yacht spray started her life as an oyster fishing sloop. 11.2m long, 4.3 m wide sailing boat was at the end of her carreer when she was taken by Joshua Slocum.

Joshua Slocum yacht spray The boat was offered him by his friend captain Eben Pierce. She needed a major overhaul. After rebuilt, Slocum did not change the name of the boat, she remained as “Spray”. And she was rebuilded to sail single-handed around the world, which was the voyage of its kind.
For this purpose, Spray’s rigging was specially equipped to maintain its course. Otherwise it would be physically impossible for Slocum to sail around the world.

Slocum published his sailing logs and memories in 1900 as “Sailing alone around the world”. The book became an immediate success and also influenced other travelers.

Unfortunately in November 1909, Captain Slocum and his beloved boat Spray were lost.

The model yacht plans have two alternatives in the files. They both are clear and understandable. There are also some information about the boat and Captain Slocum. The yacht Spray may be lost, but you are the ones who found her again.

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Svyatoy Muchenik Foka

Georgy Sedov Foka Arkhangelsk

North pole. The top of the world. Many explorers started expeditions on the route and many of them failed. But these expeditions led so many important achievements aswell.

georgy Sedov

Georgy Sedov

Lets take a look at Georgy Yakovlevich Sedov and his ship Svyatoy Muchenik Foka’s story. Sedov was born in 1877 as a child of a fisherman. He helped his father when he was a little boy. He finished naval school  in 1898 and then he continued to naval college. He graduated there with lieutenant rank.

Svyatoy Muchenik Foka georgy sedov

sledge dogs

He joined a hydrographic expedition in Arctic between 1902-1903 . During Russian – Japanese war she was in charge of a torpedo boat. In 1909 he he led another expedition on Kolyma River and the next year Krestovaya Bay.

Svyatoy Muchenik Foka georgy sedov

In 1912, he decided to go for a North Pole expedition with sleight dogs. Tsarist government did not want to finance the expedition, so he started this expedition with independent sources. And on 14th of August he set sail with the ship Svyatoy Muchenik Foka . During the winter the crew stayed in Arkhangelsk because of the thick ice. They reached to Franz Joseph Land in August 1913 but they had to star in Tikhaya Bay for another winter.

Svyatoy Muchenik Foka georgy sedov

On February 2nd 1914 Sedov and his seamen set off towards North Pole with their sledge dogs. He already had scurvy which was a common illness among sailors at those days.  Before reaching Rudolf island, Georgy Sedov passed away at sea. He was buried at Cape Auk.

Svyatoy Muchenik Foka georgy sedov

On the way back, the ship Svyatoy Muchenik Foka saved two survivors of Brusilov expedition from Franz Joseph Land. Several landmarks carry Sedov’s name. And steam icebreaker Beothic was named Sedov, after him.

icebreaker georgy sedov

The icebreaker which was named Sedov

Click here to download the model ship plans “Foka”

KRI Dewaruci

I left my house and started walking down the street facing Bosphorus strait. Behind the buildings next to the dock, i saw so many masts in a row, which is not a very common view there. It was Istanbul leg of the tall ship regatta. And Dewaruci was there…

It is so good to share a scale model tall ship plan which is actually one that we saw with our own eyes. The blueprints are so good and detailed and clear. There are some changes made to the ship so far, but you can manage to make it your own.

tall ships regatta in istanbul 2010 dewaruci

Her construction started in 1932 in HC Stülcken & Sohn in Germany. But then WW2 started and the shipyard got heavily damaged. This delayed her construction. And finally, after the war, in 1952 she was finished and in 1953 she was launched. She spent 21 years out of water on the construction area. If it was a modern cargo vessel to be built at that time, she would already be outdated when she was launched. And then she took her place in Indonesian Navy.

kri dewaruci in Bosphorus model ship plans

The ship is 58.3m long 9.5m wide 36.5m high from the water and 4.05m deep in water. She has three masts which are named Bima, Arjuna and Yudhistira from fore to the aft. These three carry 16 sails which take her around 9 knots speed. She also has a diesel engine running a four blade propeller. With this, she sails 10.5 knots average speed.

KRI Dewaruci dewarutji model tall ship plans

She is the only tall ship in Indonesian Navy. She is being used as a training ship, a good will ambassador around the seas and also she promotes Indonesian tourism. She starred in the movie “Anna and the King”.

KRI Dewaruci's figurehead scale model plans

She participates the tall ship races all around the world. She has her own marching band which makes her unique among the other ships. She has 81 crew members and 75 cadets. A big family =)

kri dewaruci indonesia tall ship plans

Indonesian government agreed to build another tall ship for the navy, considering the ship is too old. The new ship will also be named Dewaruci and estimated to be launched in 2014. Hope they keep the good old Dewaruci.

Click here to download KRI Dewaruci’s plans

USS Hannah

We take another ride with the time machine. USS Hannah was the founder ship of American Navy. She was the first armed naval ship of American revolution. She was hired by George Washington for American continental army. Her navy life was pretty short, just one month between September and October 1775.

uss hannah american navy

The plan set is detailed enough, as we consider the ship is quite simple  but still, she is a beautiful.

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HMS Bounty

One of the most popular ships of the model makers. HMS Bounty scale model plans are ready for you now!

HMS Bounty model ship plans

Bounty was built as a coal freighter named Bethia. She was built by Blaydes shipyard in 1784. Then royal navy purchased the ship, and renamed Bounty. She was refitted, equipped with four cannons and some other weapons. She was purchased by the navy for a botanical mission. She was sent to Pacific Ocean to find breadfruit plants and bring them British possesions in West Indies. But a mutiny in the ship prevented this mission to be completed. The ship was burned on purpose in 1790 at the place where it is called Bounty Bay after that. For detailed information you can click here.

Several replicas of Bounty was built so far. In 1935, while shooting the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” , two sailing vessels were adapted to play Bounty and Pandora .

In 1962, the second movie with the same name was shot. And for that movie, Bounty was constructed in Nova Scotia. After the movie, the replica set sail until 2012 operated by non-profit organizations. In 2012 she was caught by heavy seas during Hurricane Sandy around North Carolina and the crew abandoned the ship. The ship sank and two crew members were missing. One of them was Captain Robin Walbridge. The other was Claudene Christian. Her body was recovered by coast guard. She was the great-great-great-great-great granddaughter of Fletcher Christian, the sailing master of the original HMS Bounty. Captain Walbridge’s body was never found.

Another replica was built in 1979 in New Zealand and was used for another movie shot in 1984 “The Bounty” . The hull of the ship was constructed by welded steel and covered with wood. After the movie, she is being used as a tourist attraction.

The plans are quite simple. Not so detailed but good for a beginner model builder especially if its first time of building a tall ship. So enjoy building!

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S/Y Polonez

yacht polonez scale model plans

The sail yacht Polonez is an important piece of Polish Maritime history. Krzysztof Baranowski sailed around the globe twice onboard Polonez. Krzysztof Baranowski is a teacher, engineer, journalist, member of the Council Board of Polish Maritime Foundation. You can reach him by clicking here.


Polonez was designed and built in Szczecin Maritime Yacht Shipyard . In 1972 she took place in Ostar ’72 regatta. In 1972-73 Baranowski sailed alone. In ’76- ’77 Baranowski and his family sailed on Great Lakes, river Missisipi and Atlantic. She is then bought by a yacht tourism company and renovated.

The scale model yacht plans are in 3 pages and quite clear tiff files. Details of rigging are drawn to help.

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