Schooner Vega

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schooner vega 1902

Sail ship model builders are going to like this. Cause Vega is joining our fleet. Most of the time it is hard to get details about historic ships. Vega is one of them. We are not a hundred percent sure about her details. She was built in 1902 in Livonia. And her initial name was Taara. She was used as a transport vessel, then she became a training ship. More than 2000 sailors were trained onboard her. Also the movie “Deti Kapitana Granta” (Captain Grant’s Children) was shot onboard her by directors Vladimir Vaynshtok and David Gutman in 1936. Unfortunately in 1941 this beautiful ship was sunk by aerial bombs in Mariupol.

You can watch the full movie below.

Click Here to download Vega’s model ship blueprints

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