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Panna Wodna


Sometimes, during their life span, ships can be transformed for other purposes. Panna Wodna is one of them. She was actually built as WW2 minesweeper M295 in 1944 by Germany but she was sunk by Russians in shipyard. Then she was salvaged and rebuilt by Poland in 1949. She served as a passenger ferry in the gulf of Gdansk. Her maiden voyage was in the route Gdansk – Sopot – Gdynia.

She was 59.52m long, 8.54m wide. With 1600 HP in her heart, she could speed 12 knots. She could carry 500 people in Gdansk bay.

Scale model hobby plans poland

She was laid up in 1965 and scrapped in 1981.

The scale model passenger ferry plans of Panna Wodna are distributed on 4 sheets. The details are so good, so it is a very helpful plan set for model ship makers.

Panna Wodna Part1 Panna Wodna Part2


Tugboats are the little mighty helpers of the ships in harbors or out in the sea when they have trouble. Swarozyc was one of them.

swarozyc tugboat plans download

She was built in 1944 by Amsterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (ADM) as an icebreaker tugboat and delivered to POLIMEX Polish Export & Import Co. In 1950’s transfered to Polish Government, Polish Ship Salvage. She was scrapped in 1979 by Radunia Repair Yard at Gdansk.

The tugboat plans are quite detailed and distributed to 4 sheets. Hull lines, profile plans, deck plans and deck equipment are given seperately.

 Click here to download Swarozyc’s plans

Ottoman coastal trade ship

Ottoman istanbul trade boat kancabas

There are some boats which are very distinctive, which have the unique design of the waters they are sailing in. Once Constantinopole, now İstanbul have always been a center of trade. And this boat was the coastal trade ship back in 16th century according to the earliest known evidences and they survived till mid 19th century.


They were generally sailing in the sea of Marmara, Bosphorus and the nearby shores. The length of them were 15-20 meters and they were built around the gulf of İzmit and İznik. The dimensions on the plan which was drawn in 1855 are given as 15m length, 3.83m beam and 2m of depth. These boats were called “Kancabaş” which can be translated as “hook head” directly. I know there was another kind of small boat which was also called Kancabaş, a relatively smaller boat with one or two pairs of ores.


Fatih Karalar, a Turkish modeller built a great model of the İstanbul Trade Boat. It will be a great reference for you to build your own. All the pictures in this post are taken his website, which you can visit by clicking here.

Click here to download Istanbul Trade Boat plans

S/S Emanuel

ss emanuel cargo ship plans

S/S Emanuel was built in 1907 by Helsingør Skibsværft & Maskinbyggeri Denmark with yard number 115. During her carreer, the ship got the names Lena, Lena Schmith and Capetan Giannis. She was scrapped in 1966.

The scale model plans of this cargo ship are distributed on two sheets. You can scale the plan up with the dimensions given on the plan. Happy hobby hours…

Click here to download free model ship plans of SS Emanuel


S/S Aslaug

ss aslaug model cargo ship plans 3

When i came across S/S Aslaug’s original plans, i was very happy cause i had another set of model ship plans to share with modellers. But after i made a brief research, i saw that Aslaug has a lot more to offer for us.

S/S Aslaug was built in 1927 by B&W Copenhagen Denmark. She was 76.2m long and 11.7m wide.  She had a triple expansion steam engine which speeded her up to 10 knots.

Her maiden voyage was from Copenhagen to Finland where she got her first cargo, wood for England. The captain in the maiden voyage was H. Jansen.

In 1942, she collided with Norwegian ship S/S Log. Log sank by the collision and Aslaug was badly damaged.

In 1944, she had another collision, this time with German navy tugboat M/A Aade in Weser river. Aslaug was badly damaged again from her port side.

In 1951, she was sold to a Swedish shipping company and was renamed as S/S Singorita.

ss aslaug ss singorita model cargo ship plans

She served under swedish flag until 1956 and then she got under Lebanese flag and was operated by a German company.She was renamed again as S/S Margarita.

In another source, it is stated that she was named Kormoran in 1956 by a German operator. The timeline is a bit confuseing

In 1966 ship had a fire onboard and she went to Piraeus after that and laid up. Then the Danish film makers Erik Balling and Henning Bahs went to Greece and found the lead actress for their next movie. She was operated by a Greek company at that time and the made the deal and shot the movie S/S Martha onboard her.  S/S Margarita became S/S Martha and she finished her carreer under Danish flag, as she started.

S/S Martha

The movie S/S Martha became a cult. The comedy is very famous especially among sailors of not only Denmark, also the other Scandinavian lands. The story is based around an old rusty freight ship of a Danish shipping line which is forgotten by the company. The crew is living a luxurious life onboard her, their priority is their own comfort. But then the owner of the company shows up and this creates a panic onboard the ship and the adventrure begins.

The movie also gave us the chance to see Aslaug, a ship from 20’s in color. Therefore it is also important for maritime enthusiasts.

Click here to see the trailer.

s/s martha ss aslaug model ship plans

In 1967, after all these adventure, S/S Aslaug arrived in Sveti Kajo under tow to be scrapped.

Click here to download SS Aslaug / SS Martha model ship plans



Denmark is one of the countries where naval architecture got shaped. The maritime history dates a long way back. The wiking long boats are enough to show the skill and the tradition of these lands. But in this model ship plan set, we won’t go that far back in time.

ss lovenorn model ship plans

We are going to the steam engine era.

ss lovenorn denmark ship plans

S/S Lovenorn was a buoy tender built in 1877 in Burmeister & Wain with yard number 104 for Fyr – og Vagervaesenet company. She was registered to Copenhagen port. She was 38.1m long and 6m wide according to the dimensions given on the plan.

lovenorn buoy tender ship plans


She had a B&W 2 cylinder steam engine which speeded her up to 9 knots. She was renamed as Absalon, Mathilte  and Warnaes during her carreer. She was scrapped in 1970. She was a quite old lady.

ss lovenorn 1877 model ship plans

Click here to download Lovenorn’s plans

French Schooner Yacht Velox

This beautiful schooner yacht was designed by Jacques-Augustin Normand. She was built by Chantiers et Ateliers Augustin Normand, Le Havre and  launched in 1875. Total Length of the yacht was 42.21 meters. Load waterline length 37.50 meters. Width of the vessel was 7.2 meters. These measurements can assist you when you are scaling down the model yacht plans.

hobby Model yacht plans velox

The model yacht plans are distributed in two sheets. Sections, deck, layout and sailplan on one, and Lines, frames, interior layout on the other.

The layout codes are as following:

A: Owners Cabin
B: Cabins
C: Toilet
D: Hall
F: Saloon
G: Dining Room
H: Officers’ Mess
I: Captain’s Cabin
C: Bunks
M: Buffets
N: Pantry
O: Second Officer’s Cabin
P: Lockers
Q: Cook’s Cabin
S: Galley
T: Washroom
U: Quartermaster’s Cabin
V: Mail room

Click here to download Velox Yacht Plans


MS Nimbin model cargo ship blueprints

MV Nimbin is one of the few merchant vessels that we could gather some information about. It is an interesting fact that we can find the story of ships easier if they are involved with a war, a disaster, a tragedy. Maritime history is like childhood memories. Only traumas are remembered.

MV Nimbin was built in 1927 by Burmeister & Wain’s Maskin & Skibsbyggeri (B&W) in Copenhagen Denmark. She was built for North Coast Steam Navigation Company  Australia and she was the first motor ship which was going to serve between Sydney and north rivers.

Nimbin was 65.53m long, 10.67m wide and 3.96m deep, 1052 GRT vessel. Her 60.900 cubic feet cargo holds were equipped for refrigerated cargo. In addition to her 4 cycle B&W diesel engine, there were two auxiliary engines for electric and refrigerating and her main engine could speed her up to 12.1 knots service speed. The crew cabins had their own bathrooms with cold and warm water, fresh or sea water depending on their choice.

Nimbin Left Copenhagen for her maiden voyage with a cargo of pine timber. Her maiden voyage was a real test for her. She was caught by several storms. Monsoonal winds made the waves cover her decks and she lost some of her over deck cargo but she arrived Sydney safely.

nimbin model cargo ship plans

During her carreer she hed several incidents. / weeks after going into service, secon officer Frederick Hoskins fell into the hold. She was taken to hospital but unfortunately he passed away the next morning. In 1928, she touched the bottom and her steering gear and a plate at waterline were damaged. In 1932 she was grounded in a foggy day. In 1937, she collided with the tug Teven. Joseph Smith, the engine driver of the vessel was killed in the accident and Charles young was seriously injured. Nimbin also helped the vessels Ulmarra and Comora when they had mechanical failures.

On December 5th of 1940, Nimbin became the first Australlian registered merchant vessel to be lost in ww2 when she hit a mine layed by SMS Pinguin, a German auxiliary cruiser. She was on her way to Sydney coming from Coffs Harbor and was loaded with plywood and a large number of pigs. At 3.25pm, the ship hit the mine and mine exploded, blowing off one third of the ship. The crew found themselves in the sea. Luckily the plywood bundles acted as life rafts as there was no time to launch the actual life rafts. The ship sank in 3 minutes.

Unfortunately ships master William James Bysantson, wiper Ernest Walter Hallet, Donkeyman Ernest Wilfred Carlson, Greaser Nils Hulton, chief officer Charles George Chapman, 3rd engine officer, Archibald McAllister and able seaman William Gorry were killed in the accident. And the rest of the crew were injured.

I came across with Nimbin by my dear friend Laura Berivan Nilsson suggested me to take a look at Danish archives. I should thank her for letting us discover this set of plans and the story of the ship.

The ship’s plans are on two tiff files. The quailty is very good. We have the hull lines plan, deck and profile plan which i believe will make us able to build a model.

 Click here to download M/V Nimbin’s plans

NordKap 476

nordkap_476 model boat blueprints

Our new scale model boat blueprint comes from Billing Boats. NordKap “476” is a typical north sea fishing trawler from 1970’s. Couldn’t find so many details but she was built in England. She was 40m long and 9.3m wide. Her 1000 HP diesel engine could get her up to 14 knots. She was fishing cod, herrings and trash fish around Iceland and greenland with a crew of 7-8 men.

The plans are actually for Billing Boats’ model boat kit. But still, there are the frames and so on. So i believe you can build a model out of these very detailed instructions.

Click here to download NordKap 476 fishing trawler blueprints

Lightship No 83 “Swiftsure”

Lightship No:83 is the first lightship scale model plan on our website. Lightships can be defined as portable floating  lighthouses. The names written on their freeboard are referred to the location / station thet they are at. Lightship No:83 had several names during her career . Swiftsure refers to Swiftsure Bank.

Swiftsure-lightship 83

Lightship No:83 is one of the oldest lightships in US and the only one which has its original steam engines on. She is 39m long, 8.69m wide. She has 1000 watts of light capacity, 140 decibel horn, and a fog bell on the fore which weighs 450kg! She was taken out of service in 1960 and purchased by Northwest Seaport in 1969. Now it is a part of historic fleet. Click here to visit her page.

The scale model ship plans of lightship no:83 are in tiff format. The quailty is qute good and the plans are detailed.

Click here to download LIGHTSHIP NO. 83 Swiftsure model ship plans