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ORP Wodnik

Polish training ship ORP Wodnik was built in 1976 by Northern Shipyard in Gdansk. In Polish Navy website, she names her own class but seems as the only ship in her class.

orp wodnik training ship plans

Photo by Lukasz Pacholski

As a training vessel, the cadets in Polish Naval Academy sail onboard her and improve their seamanship skills. In 1990-91 she served as a hospital ship in Persian gulf war. A helicopter platform was fitted on deck. Other than her training missions, she can also be used as a base ship for small attack craft and submarines. She has a crew of 56 plus 101 cadets.

orp wodnik hospital ship plans gulf war

during her hospital ship service

She is 72.24m long and 11.9m wide. Her two Zgoda – Sulzer 6TD48 diesel engines drive her propellers and speed her up to 16.8 knots.

The model ship plans of ORP Wodnik are distributed on 9 sheets. They are extremely detailed. The scale of the plan set is 1/50.

Download ORP Wodnik Training Ship Plans

Frank (Ex. Carl)

Here we have another steam tugboat. Frank was built in 1905 by Stülcken Sohn in Hamburg Germany. The total Length of the tug was 16.4 m and width was 4.7 meters. I made a brief search on web but couldn’t find so much information. Her ex name was Carl and was registered to the port of Hamburg. And there is a plate written BH7647 on it.

frank tugboat 1905 hamburg dampfschlepper

The model ship plans are on two sheets. The quality is very good. There are profile plan, the deck plan, hull lines sheer plans. The plan set has everything that you need to build this little beauty.

Thanks our friend Piotr for adding this plan to the archive.

Click here to download tugboat Frank plans


Maybe, the German battleship Bismarck was the most iconic ship of world war 2.  And now we have Bismarck’s scale model ship plans.

bismarck battle ship plans blueprints


Bismarck was one of the two battleships built in her class. She was laid down at Blohm & Voss shipyard in 1936 and launched in 1939.  The fitting was completed in 1940. At that time, Bismarck and her sister Tirpitz were the largest German built battleships and two of the largest in any European power.

Bismarck served in only one operation. Bismarck and Prinz Eugen was sent to Atlantic to prevent cargo ships carrying supplies to reach Britain. The ships were detected off scandinavia and then British ships were sent to block their route. In the combat, Bismarck sunk HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales had to retreat. Bismarck was hit 3 times and suffered an oil leak.

After sinking of HMS Hood, the British Navy sent many other war ships towards Bismarck. While Bismarck was heading to shores of France which was occupied by Germany at that time, she was attacked by torpedo bomber planes which took off from the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. Bismarck got hit from her steering gear and couldn’t use her rudders. While the ship was unable to manuever, and drawing circles, a heavy bombardment from the british fleet started.  The crew then scuttled their ship and sent Bismarck deep down in the sea. So many lives were lost.

The plans of the Bismarck battle ship are distributed to 9 PDF files. They are quite good and detailed.

Download Bismarck Battleship plans

Bardic Ferry

bardic ferry scale model plans

Maybe there are also scale modellers who build model cars, trucks here. So Bardic Ferry model ship plans would make them happy.

M/V Bardic Ferry was built in 1957 by Danny Bros. Dumbarton in Clyde as a passenger – car ferry. She was 103.4 meters long, 16.5 meters wide. Her two 10 cylinder Sulzer  Oil 2SA engines each producing 3000bhp could speed her up to 14 knots.  She was operated on Larne – Preston service by Atlantic S.N. Co London till 1976. Then she was she changed operator and named Nasim 2. In 1988 she was broken up in Aliağa İzmir Turkey.

bardic ferry nasim 2

The model plans are distributed on two sheets, quite clear. The details around the gates could be better but still can not say that this is a bad plan set.

Click here to download Bardic Ferry plans


Grazyna ship model plans blueprints hobby

Another piece of maritime history. Ex Schilksee, Ex Uranium, our little beauty M/S Grazyna is now in your hands. Scale model makers are going to love this boat plans.

She was born as M/S Schilksee in 1927 in Germany. Built by Howaldtswerke AG. The dimensions of the ship were 30.7 X 7.2 X 2.3 meters. She had a 6 cylinder diesel engine and could speed up to 10 knots. She could carry 130 passengers.

schilksee uranium grazyna model ship plans blueprints hobby
During world war 2, she was used by Soviets for sometime and named “Uranium”. And at last, she was left to Poland and got the name “Grazyna” . After necessary repairs and refit, she started her service on July 11th 1947. She served between Gdynia – Hel. After some time, she changed owner and used in cruises till 1964.

grazyna hobby model ship blueprints hobby site
In this Postcard from 60′s we can see some modernisation on Grazyna.

The plan set is very good and detailed. It would be so fun to build this model and also she would look beautiful when the model ship is finished.
The images are taken from Facta Nautica.

schilksee uranium grazyna ship plans

 Click here to dowload Grazyna

TCG Yavuz F 240

It is generally so hard to find anything related to Turkish maritime history but sometimes you come across surprises. Piotr, a friend from Poland sent me this set of plans which belong to Turkish frigate TCG Yavuz (F-240) . Yavuz gave the name to her class. There are 4 frigates in Yavuz class which are Yavuz, TurgutReis, Fatih and Yıldrım by construction order. The names are given in reference to the Ottoman sultans Yavuz Sultan Selim, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Yıldırım Bayezid, and Turgut Reis  Turkish naval commander.

TurkishNavy frigate TCG Yavuz (F 240)

The ships were launched between 1985-88. The First two ships were built in Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. The rest were built in Gölcük naval shipyard in Turkey.  They belong to MEKO 200 design, which is a very succesfull frigate design of the time. They might be outdated a little but this design is still in use in many countries.

We had another Yavuz, which was actually SMS Goeben and that ship was one of the reasons that Ottoman Empire participated in WW1. Then Yavuz was a very important figure and flagship of Turkish Navy till it was demolished.


The model ship plan set is quite good and detailed. The deck equipment and weapons are drawn also. The plans are distributed on 5 jpeg sheets.

Click here to download TCG Yavuz (F-240) Plans

Schooner Vega

schooner vega 1902

Sail ship model builders are going to like this. Cause Vega is joining our fleet. Most of the time it is hard to get details about historic ships. Vega is one of them. We are not a hundred percent sure about her details. She was built in 1902 in Livonia. And her initial name was Taara. She was used as a transport vessel, then she became a training ship. More than 2000 sailors were trained onboard her. Also the movie “Deti Kapitana Granta” (Captain Grant’s Children) was shot onboard her by directors Vladimir Vaynshtok and David Gutman in 1936. Unfortunately in 1941 this beautiful ship was sunk by aerial bombs in Mariupol.

You can watch the full movie below.

Click Here to download Vega’s model ship blueprints

Ewa SZ-390

ewa polish passenger vessel

Sometime ago, we published Lilla Weneda, one of 10 sister ships built in 1961-64 with the code SZ-600. Then 8 +2 new ships built with code SZ-390 . Ewa is one of them, with slight differences. So it is worth to publish her plans. Ewa was still in service in 2012 and hope she will serve for many long years.

ewa sz 390 ships

The plans are very detailed and clear. Would be great to build her scale model.

Click here to download Ewa’s Plans


After the second world war ended, Europe was trying to get back on feet. On those hard days, it was not so easy for Poland to build brand new ships or buy them. So they came up with a different solution. They took the uncomplete hulls or wrecks of war ships, and transformed them into passenger vessels for Poland coastal transport.

polish passenger vessel julia 1948

Before she became Julia, the hull was an uncomplete German torpedo boat. She also involved a little known story. On  the day of launch, she broke the feist table preapared for the VIP while she was sliding towards water. Some people were injured in this incident. She was launched later without publicity in 1948. Later, she served for tourists and holiday makers. In 1959 she was taken out of service and scrapped. So she had a relatively short life.

She was 34m long and 5.1m wide. She had an engine producing 280HP which sailed her with 10 knots speed. 6 crew members were responsible of 162 passengers.

The model ship plans are in a good shape. She has an interesting superstructure around the bridge. The bridge is very curvy. Would be fun to build her. Enjoy…

Click here to download Julia’s model ship plans

Andrea Doria


We have published the sad story of Stocholm and Andrea Doria and shared the model ship plans of Völkerfreundschaft (named Stocholm after…). Now it’s the time to let you see the other lead actor of this tragedy. Since i wrote the story before, you can read it and download Stockholm’s plans by clicking here.

free model boat plans völkerfreundschaft

S/S Andrea Doria Sinking after colliding with Stockholm

Unfortunately Andrea Doria, the flagship of Italian cruise lines was lost on that accident with 52 souls onboard. 51 of them were killed in immediate impact.

The model ship plans are in 9 pdf files. There are some good tips about modelling the ship. But it might be a bit tricky to model it. It is actually designed to make paper models. But still, we have enough material.

Click here to download Andrea Doria’s model ship plans