A fantastic book from James Hitchcock: Selected Plates from Souvenirs de Marine

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Our friend James Hitchcock prepared a fantastic book recently. I believe it is a very good source for scale model ship builders and researchers. A good source to have in your collection.

This book features more than 90 plates from the 1882 François-Edmond Pâris work “Souvenirs de marine.” The plates include more than 130 ship plans for warships, merchant & fishing vessels and small craft from all over the world, with a heavy emphasis on Europe and Asia. The book is indexed by plate number, type of illustrated vessel, name of vessel, and country/region of the vessel. The book also includes an appendix valuable to the novice explaining how to “read” a ship plan.

Click on the image below to get the book from Amazon.

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3 Responses

  1. Jay allmann says:

    Do you accept model plans for your web site?

  2. Sidney Milne says:

    I am trying to get plans and assembly instructions for the Nordcap 476. Can you help??

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