Huge Titanic model from the movie “Raise The Titanic”

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titanic-scale-model-from-raise-the-titanic1 (1)

There are several movies made based on Titanic’s sad story. Perheps, she might be the most famous ship ever. To shoot the movie ofcourse scale models of the ship were used. Now we will take a look to the model used in the movie “Raise The Titanic” published in 198o based on Clive Cussler’s novel.

The scale model was built for under water shots of the ship and the raising scene. She was shown still intact, since the wreck was not discovered at that time. The scale model was 50′ long. A special water tank was built for the movie in Malta that could make the illusion the ship was at sea. Unfortunately the model was not conserved and the remains are just rusting in Malta. It was built from steel and fiber as far as i can understand.

rtt model No8 rtt model No7 rtt model No6 rtt model No5 rtt model No3 rtt model No2 rtt model No1 rtt model No 4 indir indir (2) Giant Titanic model ship raise the titanic

And the movie was nominated for several award which were worst picture, worst supporting actor and worst screenplay =) But i don’t think that these will stop you to watch the movie. Just to see the model…


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