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Bardic Ferry

bardic ferry scale model plans

Maybe there are also scale modellers who build model cars, trucks here. So Bardic Ferry model ship plans would make them happy.

M/V Bardic Ferry was built in 1957 by Danny Bros. Dumbarton in Clyde as a passenger – car ferry. She was 103.4 meters long, 16.5 meters wide. Her two 10 cylinder Sulzer  Oil 2SA engines each producing 3000bhp could speed her up to 14 knots.  She was operated on Larne – Preston service by Atlantic S.N. Co London till 1976. Then she was she changed operator and named Nasim 2. In 1988 she was broken up in Aliağa İzmir Turkey.

bardic ferry nasim 2

The model plans are distributed on two sheets, quite clear. The details around the gates could be better but still can not say that this is a bad plan set.

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Emilia & Flora

flora emilia model cargo ship blueprints

Little coasters are generally quite beautiful eventhough esthetic is the last thing to consider for a cargo ship. The sister ships M/S Emilia and M/S Flora is a pair of beautiful coastal cargo ships. And now you can add them to your model ship archive.

flora emilia coaster cargo ship plans model ship hobby

The ships were designed at the Center for Design and Research of Inland Navigation in Wroclaw by Janusz Stęszewski. They were launched in 1967. They sailed in Baltic & North seas. They carried general cargo and bulk cargo. They were approximately 45 m long and 8 m wide, have a load capacity of 450 DWT sailed by 8 crew members. In 1980′s both of them were scrapped because they were not profitable.

flora emilia scale model hobby ship

The model ship plan set has 4 sheets, and some photos for reference. Some photos are from a paper model. There are deck plans, sheer plan, and deck equipment plans. It is a good and enjoyful model. Have fun!

The plan and information by Piotr S. Szadkowski.

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rc model hobby cargo ship geroy

Model cargo ship plans archive is growing with Wejherowo. She is a General cargo ship built in 1975 by Gdansk Shipyard, Poland. She sailed with this name until 2000. Then she was named “Hero” and after 2001, she was renamed “Geroy” and still sailing under that name.

cargo ship in storm wejherowo

Wejherowo in North Sea 1998

The ship is 106m long, 16m wide. SHe carries general cargo and containers over hatch covers. Equipped with cranes, has self loading capacity.

wejherowo hero geroy cargo ship plans

The model ship plans are very clear, in good quality. General arrangement and sheer plans are given and as a plus, the superstructure and deck equipment plans are added to the set. Scale model ship building hobby is even better with RC models. You can build a radio controlled model of this cargo ship and carry freight in the ponds. Enjoy!

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Rudolf Breitscheid

Model cargo ship plans are getting richer by joining of German merchant ship Rudolf Breitscheid.

hobby rudolf breitscheid merchant ship model plans

Rudolf Breitscheid was the sixth of 16 sister ships which were called the “Type X”. All of the type x ships were as following by the launch order.

Edgar André
Ernst Schneller
Werner Soul Ties
Wilhelm Florin
Käthe Niederkirchnerstrasse
Rudolf Breitscheid
Anton Saefkow
Bernhard Bästlein
Liselotte Herrmann
Heinz Chapel
Albin Köbis
Max Reichpietsch
John Schehr
Georg Schumann
Fiete Schulze
Mathias Theses

hobby model merchant ship

The ship was named after Rudolf Breitscheid, a leading member of the Social Democratic Party and a delegate to the Reichstag during era of the Weimar Republic in Germany.

model hobby rudolf breitscheid cargo ship

Although these were sister ships, there were slight differences between them. Rudolf Breitscheid was launched in March 21st 1964 by VEB Warnow Werft shipyard in Warnemünde as the others. The ship was 142.2 meters long, 18.67 meters wide. With her seven cylinder two stroke diesel MAN engine spinning the single propeller the ship could speed up to 15 knots.

model ship hobby

The ship is being loaded sugar from Cuba. In one of these trips from Cuba, one of her sisters was lost at shores of Scotland.


She sailed all over the world for years especially between Europe, Gulf, India and SouthEast Asia. When the shipping world started changing with new designs and methods, Rudolf Breitscheid started metal transport. Ship went through a renovation in 1985.

merchant ship plans rudolf breitscheidstrabe

In 1988 during a severe storm the ship unfortunately ran aground at Klaipeda harbor enterance and sunk into shallow water. All the crew were safely evacuated. The bow part of the ship was taken apart, floated and towed away for demolition. According to wikipedia, remains of the aft part is still there. But i think all were removed later.

wreck of rudolf breitscheid

The plan set is formed by gif images. The size is not so large but the plans are so clear which will ease your way to scale it up. Double check the sheets to be in the same scale. This era has a different kind of esthetic on merchant ships. So i bet the Type x model cargo ship will look so beautiful. Enjoy!

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XIX Syezd Vlksm

container ship model plans hobby

A different type of cargo ship model plan set is here with you. The blueprints of the ship is on a single page. While it is clear enough to see the details, it does not show all the details. But hull lines and their places at the bow are shown.

scale model hobby container ship

This freight ship is designed to carry general cargo, containers and also trailers. So it’s a multi-type cargo ship with a ro-ro ramp at bow. There are moving ramps inside the ship connecting decks which makes it easier to load and unload the ship. Has a bulbous bow below the water line. With a single screw driven by a slow speed diesel engine she could reach 17 knots.

hobby model ro ro ship makett

Say Ah!

There are several sister ships built in this design but do not know the exact number. Ivan Derbenyou built in 1978, Timura Frunze 1979, Marjan 1980, Katya Zelenko 1980, Aleksa Dundic 1982 and Yuriy Avot 1983 are the sisters that i could find but not sure if these are all. I believe all of these ships listed above are scrapped. The design is 152.7 m long and 19.2m wide. You can scale the plan with reference to these dimensions.

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Victory Ship Private Frederick C. Murphy

USAT Maritime Victory ship plans history frederic c murphyWW2 era was a very interesting period for maritime history. Ship building industry had to deal with so many challenges. Merchant fleet was contuniously attacked and shipyards had to build as fast as the fleet sinks to maintain the logistic line. And they were short of material. Very interesting solutions appeared like wooden cargo ships. (Click here to see Ferris Design Ships)  . There were two designs which kept the merchant fleet alive. The Liberty Ships and Victory Ships. Our model plan set in this topic is a Victory Ship Private Frederick C.Murphy .

The ship carried the name Private Frederick C.Murphy was formerly named SS Maritime Victory. She was launched 22 May 1945 by Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards. As a member of the Victory design, she was 139m long, 19m wide. She had a steam turbine and was capable of 17 knots. Some part of her holds were converted to troop berthing which distinguished her from other victory ships. She carried troops for some time and joined humanitarian missions after the war. Then she was transfered to U.S. Army and renamed Frederick C. Murphy in honor of the first aid soldier who was lost while trying to help wounded.

She then joined the Beaumont Reserve Fleet and laid up in 1950. in 2006 she was removed out of inventory and she was waiting for scrapping. Probably she was scrapped in 2008.

victory ship frederick c murphy scrap yard

Many victory ships were sold after the war and used by merchant shipping companies all over the world. Turkish state maritime lines was one of the operators. Çoruh, Manisa, Aydın and Yozgat sailed with the double anchor livery for a long time.

Turkish S. S. Yozgat victory ship

manisa turkish victory ship

If you want to combine these with an alternative plan, you can visit our fellow site The Model Shipwright and reach USS Gage Victory Ship plans by clicking here.

The plans are quite clear as a pdf file there are additional pictures. Plans are located at last pages of the pdf. Click here to download the complete HAER report. Or if you want just the plans

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American Racer

Model ship fleet is groving. With the American Racer, we add a new member to our cargo fleet.

ss american racer

This beauty belonged to the United States Lines. The company was a transatlantic liner company which is famous with legendary liner S/S United States, the fastest liner ever built. The company started ordering cargo ships after the start of jet era. S/S American Racer was built in 1963 by Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. She was 166 meters in length and 23 meters in width.  She was built to carry general, refrigerated and liquid cargo. She had 4 other sisters which were American Rover, American Ranger, American Reliance and American Resolute.They were members of the “American Challenger II Class” as C4-S-64a Designs. American Racer mostly sailed for military. They were steam turbined ships and told to be capable of 25 knots. They were one of the earliest automated engine controlled ships. The rpm of the engine was controllable from the bridge. They had the American style streamlined hull and superstructure.

After they served for long years, she joined the reserve fleets, where she waited for her destiny. On 2010 she was towed away to be scrapped, and in 2011 she was gone forever.

american racer.part1 american racer.part2

Kishinev Type Cargo Ships

Kishinev type river - sea cargo ship plans
Photo by İlhan Kermen | Bosphorus

We continue to add more scale model ship plans to our cargo fleet. Kishinev class coasters are 43 sister ships built between 1968 – 1977 in Navashino, Nizhny Novgorod Soviet Union. The ship seen in the photo was launched as ANDREY KIZHEVATOV in 1973 then renamed several times. Unfortunately she is scrapped. Hope you can bring her alive…

The plans are actually prepeared to build paper models, but with a little effort you can convert it into any method that you wish. They are not so precise either but the vessel is not a luxury wooden yacht with full of details, so you don’t need so much details. A rubber powered propeller is added, but this just seems so ugly, you can ignore it. The deck equipment are so clear so there is no need to explain each one shown with numbers.

This class of ships were built to carry dry cargo between Blacksea ports and Mediterranean. Length: 123.5m Width: 15m .  Some of them are still active.

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T2 Tanker AO-75 USS Saugatuck

One of the most characteristic ships of WW2 were T2 Tankers. They were built in large numbers for oiling navy ships and support them. The T2 design was based on two ships S/S Mobilfuel and S/S Mobillube owned by Socony Vacuum Oil which will later become Mobile Oil.

USS Saugatuck AO 75 t2 Tanker scale model plans

USS Saugatuck (AO-75) was a Suamico Class T2-SE-A1 type tanker. She was built by Sun Shipbuilding. She was launched in 1942. During WW2 she refueled the ships. She has been attacked but survived. After WW2 she also served in Korean War. She earned seven battle stars . She was laid up in 1975 and in 2006, she was tugged for scrap.
USS Saugatuck being towed for scrap


USS Saugatuck was probably the last surviving T2 tanker. There is no example of this type as a  museum ship.

Turkish State Lines used to have a T2 tanker named “Kocaeli” which was ex Fort McHenry built in 1943 by Kaiser Co. Portland. She was 159.4m long and 20.8m wide, equipped with a 7200 HP GE Lynn steam turbine. Probably also a T2 SE A1 type tanker.

Kocaeli t2-tanker

The plans are in a very good shape. They are high quality .tiff files. Some photos of the ship is also included. Enjoy building your T2 tanker scale model.

Click here to download T2 Tanker Saugatuck plans

Ben Harold Smith Coastal Tanker

We are trying to publish scale model ship plans in a wide range of ship types. Sometimes we find very strange boats, special purpose ships which look very interesting. There is a general perception of esthetic of model ships in manner of  accesories to decorate a place. But these other kinds of ships have their own charm and beauty. Ben Harold Smith is one of them.

ben harold smith tanker ship plans

Vessel was built in 1952 for National Benzole CO . She is 41.45m long . After several name changes under several different operators, she is now still operating in Greece, named Vasoula.

The plan is just one sheet. Luckily, there’s not much of a pipe jungle on deck, and the boat seems quite simple. There is also some information in French, but we are unable to translate yet. Maybe one of you can translate it for us =) . Several pictures are also included. Have fun!

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