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We have another rare type of scale model cargo ship plan set here. This time, livestock carrier ships Rokita and Boruta are on the yard! The model ship plans are distributed on two sheets with an additional one.

Boruta - Rokita model ship plans livestock carrier

Livestock carrier ships have specialized cargo holds, where the animals are kept during the voyage. The ship itself is like a floating stable, or lets say a farm. The holds must be ventilated, equipped with drainage systems and so on. To sum up, the animals have to be comfortable and stay healthy.

In 1961-62, Gdañsk Northern Shipyard built two ships for this purpose. They were named Rokita and Boruta. They were both designed as cargo ship type B475. They were 59.87m long, 9.6m wide. Her single 680HP engine could speed her up tp 11.4 knots. We are not sure if the horses onboard were added to this power specifications. 19 crew members were maintaining the ship.

In Polish Cargo Lines people who sailed on “Boruta” and “Rokita”, were called “cowboys”. Initially, few people wanted to work onboard these ships. But when they began to transport Russian horses – the line  became very profitable for the sailors who trade goods and more and more people wanted to be a cowboy. The whole trip from the USSR to France and back lasted about two weeks. During the voyage, you could for example buy a few pairs of jeans in Zerssen near Kiel Canal, sell them later at a profit in Klaipeda, and earned rubles replaced again with a large “countershaft” in Zerssen for dollars. Russians were willing to buy  coats and multi color writing pens.

Back to the ship: I found relation from the captain  Stefan Lewandowsk:
The difficulty of “live cargo ship” consisted of, among others, that the “charge” was moving. In good weather, especially in the summer, there were no problems. It was worse in winter, when the top four or five of the ship is rocked. Horses then strongly in-stress which you can immediately sense the smell of their sweat. The final decision whether to go to sea, belonged to the captain. When the storm surprised us on the road, it was necessary to seek a port for shelter.

Once in this situation, I had to shelter in a smaller port where the maneuvers needed important engine power.
Harbor master asked me: “Sir, how much horses do you have?” 
“Two hundred” I answered truthfully.
“Oh, it’s too weak engine” i heard in response.

It was, of course, live horses, because the motor had six hundred eighty. On the way back from Le Tréport ship sailed under the ballast, and the crew had to clean up the cargo holds. Then it was not so restrictive environmental legislation as it is today, so the horse manure was through a special door by simply washed away into the sea.

Both ships sailed in a small shipping routes to Western Europe from Poland. They sailed to Lübeck, Kiel, Antwerp and to French ports in the English Channel (La Manche canal if you like). They could carry 750 pigs, 173 horses or similar number of cows. The aging of ships and changing of operating conditions resulted in the decision to withdraw the ships from shipowner registry of the vessels.
These motor ships sailed under the Polish flag until 1974, when they were sold to an operator from Cyprus, DIGNITY MARITIME Co.. After this ROKITA sailed with a new name: ROBITA.

Development of a series of this construction was the series of small cargo ships type B 457, wchich replaced FLORA AND EMILIA (i attached blueprint drawings for some information).

Interesting fact about ship names:
ROKITA and BORUTA are the names of the devils found in Polish folk tales.
One of the legends about Rokita (and Boruta) says that Rokita together with Boruta they got drunk* in one of the pubs in Lodz. When the landlord did not want to sell them another pint of beer or wine, Rokita paid, but made thalars (money), which he paid, were so hot that the owner of the pub could not in any way catch the money with his hands

*Now i’m sure that they were from Poland ;)

We should all thank to Piotr Szadkowski from Poland for the plan and the stories that he presented us. He added more value to this site. We only made few changes to his article.

Cilick here to download Rokita & Boruta’s model ship plans

S/S Emanuel

ss emanuel cargo ship plans

S/S Emanuel was built in 1907 by Helsingør Skibsværft & Maskinbyggeri Denmark with yard number 115. During her carreer, the ship got the names Lena, Lena Schmith and Capetan Giannis. She was scrapped in 1966.

The scale model plans of this cargo ship are distributed on two sheets. You can scale the plan up with the dimensions given on the plan. Happy hobby hours…

Click here to download free model ship plans of SS Emanuel


S/S Aslaug

ss aslaug model cargo ship plans 3

When i came across S/S Aslaug’s original plans, i was very happy cause i had another set of model ship plans to share with modellers. But after i made a brief research, i saw that Aslaug has a lot more to offer for us.

S/S Aslaug was built in 1927 by B&W Copenhagen Denmark. She was 76.2m long and 11.7m wide.  She had a triple expansion steam engine which speeded her up to 10 knots.

Her maiden voyage was from Copenhagen to Finland where she got her first cargo, wood for England. The captain in the maiden voyage was H. Jansen.

In 1942, she collided with Norwegian ship S/S Log. Log sank by the collision and Aslaug was badly damaged.

In 1944, she had another collision, this time with German navy tugboat M/A Aade in Weser river. Aslaug was badly damaged again from her port side.

In 1951, she was sold to a Swedish shipping company and was renamed as S/S Singorita.

ss aslaug ss singorita model cargo ship plans

She served under swedish flag until 1956 and then she got under Lebanese flag and was operated by a German company.She was renamed again as S/S Margarita.

In another source, it is stated that she was named Kormoran in 1956 by a German operator. The timeline is a bit confuseing

In 1966 ship had a fire onboard and she went to Piraeus after that and laid up. Then the Danish film makers Erik Balling and Henning Bahs went to Greece and found the lead actress for their next movie. She was operated by a Greek company at that time and the made the deal and shot the movie S/S Martha onboard her.  S/S Margarita became S/S Martha and she finished her carreer under Danish flag, as she started.

S/S Martha

The movie S/S Martha became a cult. The comedy is very famous especially among sailors of not only Denmark, also the other Scandinavian lands. The story is based around an old rusty freight ship of a Danish shipping line which is forgotten by the company. The crew is living a luxurious life onboard her, their priority is their own comfort. But then the owner of the company shows up and this creates a panic onboard the ship and the adventrure begins.

The movie also gave us the chance to see Aslaug, a ship from 20’s in color. Therefore it is also important for maritime enthusiasts.

Click here to see the trailer.

s/s martha ss aslaug model ship plans

In 1967, after all these adventure, S/S Aslaug arrived in Sveti Kajo under tow to be scrapped.

Click here to download SS Aslaug / SS Martha model ship plans


MS Nimbin model cargo ship blueprints

MV Nimbin is one of the few merchant vessels that we could gather some information about. It is an interesting fact that we can find the story of ships easier if they are involved with a war, a disaster, a tragedy. Maritime history is like childhood memories. Only traumas are remembered.

MV Nimbin was built in 1927 by Burmeister & Wain’s Maskin & Skibsbyggeri (B&W) in Copenhagen Denmark. She was built for North Coast Steam Navigation Company  Australia and she was the first motor ship which was going to serve between Sydney and north rivers.

Nimbin was 65.53m long, 10.67m wide and 3.96m deep, 1052 GRT vessel. Her 60.900 cubic feet cargo holds were equipped for refrigerated cargo. In addition to her 4 cycle B&W diesel engine, there were two auxiliary engines for electric and refrigerating and her main engine could speed her up to 12.1 knots service speed. The crew cabins had their own bathrooms with cold and warm water, fresh or sea water depending on their choice.

Nimbin Left Copenhagen for her maiden voyage with a cargo of pine timber. Her maiden voyage was a real test for her. She was caught by several storms. Monsoonal winds made the waves cover her decks and she lost some of her over deck cargo but she arrived Sydney safely.

nimbin model cargo ship plans

During her carreer she hed several incidents. / weeks after going into service, secon officer Frederick Hoskins fell into the hold. She was taken to hospital but unfortunately he passed away the next morning. In 1928, she touched the bottom and her steering gear and a plate at waterline were damaged. In 1932 she was grounded in a foggy day. In 1937, she collided with the tug Teven. Joseph Smith, the engine driver of the vessel was killed in the accident and Charles young was seriously injured. Nimbin also helped the vessels Ulmarra and Comora when they had mechanical failures.

On December 5th of 1940, Nimbin became the first Australlian registered merchant vessel to be lost in ww2 when she hit a mine layed by SMS Pinguin, a German auxiliary cruiser. She was on her way to Sydney coming from Coffs Harbor and was loaded with plywood and a large number of pigs. At 3.25pm, the ship hit the mine and mine exploded, blowing off one third of the ship. The crew found themselves in the sea. Luckily the plywood bundles acted as life rafts as there was no time to launch the actual life rafts. The ship sank in 3 minutes.

Unfortunately ships master William James Bysantson, wiper Ernest Walter Hallet, Donkeyman Ernest Wilfred Carlson, Greaser Nils Hulton, chief officer Charles George Chapman, 3rd engine officer, Archibald McAllister and able seaman William Gorry were killed in the accident. And the rest of the crew were injured.

I came across with Nimbin by my dear friend Laura Berivan Nilsson suggested me to take a look at Danish archives. I should thank her for letting us discover this set of plans and the story of the ship.

The ship’s plans are on two tiff files. The quailty is very good. We have the hull lines plan, deck and profile plan which i believe will make us able to build a model.

 Click here to download M/V Nimbin’s plans


Bydgoszcz model cargo ship plans are one of the best in the archive. The plans are nicely scanned, detailed and clean. If you are interested in model ship building hobby, and if you like the merchant shipping era around 60’s, Bydgoszcz will be one of your favourite ships.

bydgoszcz polish cargo ship plans blueprints

The turn of the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century is the beginning of the golden age of Polish shipbuilding. Old, derived in large part from the years before the war even commercial vessels, were systematically exchanged for units built in national shipyards. Polish designers had the perfect brand and were known in the world of successful projects of commercial vessels.

One of them was a draft general cargo B-55, which long series ordered in then the SSN name Adolf Warski, the largest Polish shipowner Trade – Polish Ocean Lines (PLO).
In total, in the period 1958-1962 were built fifteen ships, three B-55, and twelve improved B-55 A. Four of them “on the stump” was sold to Brazil, while eleven remained under white-red flag.
Popularly type B-55 was called type “ica” because the names of all the ships were Polish cities in terms of such terminals in the name – Krynica, Polanica, Oleœnica, Legnica, Brodnica, Kruszwica, Wiœlica and Szczawnica. Since this rule was abandoned only in the case of the eighth and ninth series unit, which was named … “Jan ¯i¿ka” and “Bydgoszcz”.

model blueprint swidnica_polish b55 ship

Type B 55 (ship to transport goods in bulk) with an extremely elegant, smooth and pleasant to the eye silhouette. The unit can carry various types of cargo: ore, bulk loads, grains and exotic plants, wood, cotton, machinery and equipment and edible oils.
Slender hull lines with heavily undercut, clipper-shaped bow and neatly mounted, compact shape of the superstructure in the rear part of the ship gave a general cargo silhouette lightness and grace. At the same time “ice”, despite its relatively small size (124.2 feet long, 16.5 meters wide, 6.5 meters draft and 17.5 meters in height) were ships praised by the seafarers and shipowners.
Once type B 55 with its displacement 3365 gross registered tonnes (GRT) had a load capacity of 5382 tons DWT (so she could take the load), and the fuel supply was 615 tonnes. Drive the ship was one six-cylinder engine with a capacity of MAN 5000 horsepower, allowing the development of a maximum speed of 15.5 knots. The ship’s crew consisted of 35 officers and sailors. Ships of “ica” had one screw, two decks and five cargo refrigeration. On “Swidnica” the last of them enlarged and built three tanks edible oils. In relation to the first units of the series, on “Swidnica” and subsequent construction units reduced the number of passenger accomodation from 12 to 4

General cargo type “ica” are designed for use lines to the ports of South America and the Middle East. Economic considerations (profitability of transport) made it virtually never on it (with a few exceptions) do not hit.
The fate of the “Swidnica,” which with its twin units were directed to support West African lines. Other ships in this series also sailed to the eastern ports of North America. Curiosities of the two events are related.
In 1961, “Krynica” brought from Canada, Polish treasures to the Wawel Castle. Half a year later, in Philadelphia, during the unloading of naphthalene, fire broke out on the “Polanica,” which had to be sink (later was raised and restored).
In connection with the intended “Swidnica” to support West African lines, ship in October 1960, he was leased to another then-largest shipowner – Polish Maritime Navigation, the unit sailed to ports in West Africa. Under the flag of the PLO unit returned only in 1970.

MS Swidnica, sister ship
During years of service ships docked in dozens of ports – the closer: Hamburg, Kiel, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bordeaux, Bristol, La Coruna, as well as those further and more exotic: Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, Dakar (Senegal), Conakry (Guinea), Freetown (Sierra Leone), Monrovia (Liberia), Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Accra and Sekondi-Takoradi (Ghana), Cotonou (Benin), Lome (Togo), or to Port Harcourt in Nigeria.
In the latter, in 1965, “Swidnica” suffered a major accident, broke, because the main drive shaft. There was a chance for it to Nigeria to make a repair specialist. The shipowner decided to bring the ship to the country with the tug assistance, which made the Polish Ship Salvage tug “Swaro¿yc”, which after passing more than eight thousand miles of sea, brings crippled m / s “Swidnica” to Szczecin.
Exactly ten years later, in 1975, bad luck again made its presence felt. During a stopover in the Nigerian port of Wari, on a ship filled with bales of cotton dangerous fire broke fortunately possessed by the crew.
Not happy also proved to be the beginning of the eighties of the twentieth century, when the first m / s “Swidnica” ran aground in the Store Baelt (Danish straits) and it has been bring only by tugs sent out of the country (1980), and later when a powerful storm in the Bay of Biscay poorly secured container, severely damaged the ship’s port side amidships.

b55 cargo ship stamp poland

Long years of life were not without effect on the condition of the general cargo type “ica”, so the polish shipowners replaced them with new build units. All vessels were sold to foreign shipowners in the 70s and 80s.


Type of ship: cargo
Year Built / yard: 1960 / Sz B-55 (Szczecin)
The life of the PLO: 1970 – 1983
Capacity: 5350 TDW
Number of passengers: 4
Overall length: 124 m
Width: 16.6 m
Draught: 6.5 m
Drive type: internal combustion engine
Power SG: 3606 kW
Speed: 15.5 Kn

Free Model Cargo Ship Plan: Bydgoszcz

Bardic Ferry

bardic ferry scale model plans

Maybe there are also scale modellers who build model cars, trucks here. So Bardic Ferry model ship plans would make them happy.

M/V Bardic Ferry was built in 1957 by Danny Bros. Dumbarton in Clyde as a passenger – car ferry. She was 103.4 meters long, 16.5 meters wide. Her two 10 cylinder Sulzer  Oil 2SA engines each producing 3000bhp could speed her up to 14 knots.  She was operated on Larne – Preston service by Atlantic S.N. Co London till 1976. Then she was she changed operator and named Nasim 2. In 1988 she was broken up in Aliağa İzmir Turkey.

bardic ferry nasim 2

The model plans are distributed on two sheets, quite clear. The details around the gates could be better but still can not say that this is a bad plan set.

Click here to download Bardic Ferry plans

Emilia & Flora

flora emilia model cargo ship blueprints

Little coasters are generally quite beautiful eventhough esthetic is the last thing to consider for a cargo ship. The sister ships M/S Emilia and M/S Flora is a pair of beautiful coastal cargo ships. And now you can add them to your model ship archive.

flora emilia coaster cargo ship plans model ship hobby

The ships were designed at the Center for Design and Research of Inland Navigation in Wroclaw by Janusz Stęszewski. They were launched in 1967. They sailed in Baltic & North seas. They carried general cargo and bulk cargo. They were approximately 45 m long and 8 m wide, have a load capacity of 450 DWT sailed by 8 crew members. In 1980’s both of them were scrapped because they were not profitable.

flora emilia scale model hobby ship

The model ship plan set has 4 sheets, and some photos for reference. Some photos are from a paper model. There are deck plans, sheer plan, and deck equipment plans. It is a good and enjoyful model. Have fun!

The plan and information by Piotr S. Szadkowski.

click here to download Emilia & Flora model ship plans


rc model hobby cargo ship geroy

Model cargo ship plans archive is growing with Wejherowo. She is a General cargo ship built in 1975 by Gdansk Shipyard, Poland. She sailed with this name until 2000. Then she was named “Hero” and after 2001, she was renamed “Geroy” and still sailing under that name.

cargo ship in storm wejherowo

Wejherowo in North Sea 1998

The ship is 106m long, 16m wide. SHe carries general cargo and containers over hatch covers. Equipped with cranes, has self loading capacity.

wejherowo hero geroy cargo ship plans

The model ship plans are very clear, in good quality. General arrangement and sheer plans are given and as a plus, the superstructure and deck equipment plans are added to the set. Scale model ship building hobby is even better with RC models. You can build a radio controlled model of this cargo ship and carry freight in the ponds. Enjoy!

click here to download cargo ship plans

Rudolf Breitscheid

Model cargo ship plans are getting richer by joining of German merchant ship Rudolf Breitscheid.

hobby rudolf breitscheid merchant ship model plans

Rudolf Breitscheid was the sixth of 16 sister ships which were called the “Type X”. All of the type x ships were as following by the launch order.

Edgar André
Ernst Schneller
Werner Soul Ties
Wilhelm Florin
Käthe Niederkirchnerstrasse
Rudolf Breitscheid
Anton Saefkow
Bernhard Bästlein
Liselotte Herrmann
Heinz Chapel
Albin Köbis
Max Reichpietsch
John Schehr
Georg Schumann
Fiete Schulze
Mathias Theses

hobby model merchant ship

The ship was named after Rudolf Breitscheid, a leading member of the Social Democratic Party and a delegate to the Reichstag during era of the Weimar Republic in Germany.

model hobby rudolf breitscheid cargo ship

Although these were sister ships, there were slight differences between them. Rudolf Breitscheid was launched in March 21st 1964 by VEB Warnow Werft shipyard in Warnemünde as the others. The ship was 142.2 meters long, 18.67 meters wide. With her seven cylinder two stroke diesel MAN engine spinning the single propeller the ship could speed up to 15 knots.

model ship hobby

The ship is being loaded sugar from Cuba. In one of these trips from Cuba, one of her sisters was lost at shores of Scotland.


She sailed all over the world for years especially between Europe, Gulf, India and SouthEast Asia. When the shipping world started changing with new designs and methods, Rudolf Breitscheid started metal transport. Ship went through a renovation in 1985.

merchant ship plans rudolf breitscheidstrabe

In 1988 during a severe storm the ship unfortunately ran aground at Klaipeda harbor enterance and sunk into shallow water. All the crew were safely evacuated. The bow part of the ship was taken apart, floated and towed away for demolition. According to wikipedia, remains of the aft part is still there. But i think all were removed later.

wreck of rudolf breitscheid

The plan set is formed by gif images. The size is not so large but the plans are so clear which will ease your way to scale it up. Double check the sheets to be in the same scale. This era has a different kind of esthetic on merchant ships. So i bet the Type x model cargo ship will look so beautiful. Enjoy!

Click here to download plans

XIX Syezd Vlksm

container ship model plans hobby

A different type of cargo ship model plan set is here with you. The blueprints of the ship is on a single page. While it is clear enough to see the details, it does not show all the details. But hull lines and their places at the bow are shown.

scale model hobby container ship

This freight ship is designed to carry general cargo, containers and also trailers. So it’s a multi-type cargo ship with a ro-ro ramp at bow. There are moving ramps inside the ship connecting decks which makes it easier to load and unload the ship. Has a bulbous bow below the water line. With a single screw driven by a slow speed diesel engine she could reach 17 knots.

hobby model ro ro ship makett

Say Ah!

There are several sister ships built in this design but do not know the exact number. Ivan Derbenyou built in 1978, Timura Frunze 1979, Marjan 1980, Katya Zelenko 1980, Aleksa Dundic 1982 and Yuriy Avot 1983 are the sisters that i could find but not sure if these are all. I believe all of these ships listed above are scrapped. The design is 152.7 m long and 19.2m wide. You can scale the plan with reference to these dimensions.

Click here to download xix syezd vlksm plans