Emilia & Flora

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flora emilia model cargo ship blueprints

Little coasters are generally quite beautiful eventhough esthetic is the last thing to consider for a cargo ship. The sister ships M/S Emilia and M/S Flora is a pair of beautiful coastal cargo ships. And now you can add them to your model ship archive.

flora emilia coaster cargo ship plans model ship hobby

The ships were designed at the Center for Design and Research of Inland Navigation in Wroclaw by Janusz Stęszewski. They were launched in 1967. They sailed in Baltic & North seas. They carried general cargo and bulk cargo. They were approximately 45 m long and 8 m wide, have a load capacity of 450 DWT sailed by 8 crew members. In 1980’s both of them were scrapped because they were not profitable.

flora emilia scale model hobby ship

The model ship plan set has 4 sheets, and some photos for reference. Some photos are from a paper model. There are deck plans, sheer plan, and deck equipment plans. It is a good and enjoyful model. Have fun!

The plan and information by Piotr S. Szadkowski.

click here to download Emilia & Flora model ship plans

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  1. Paul Luke says:

    my “Safari” will not down load plans for the Emilia….can I buy the plans ?!

  2. John Dohmen says:

    I just downloaded EMILIA with Safari, but the ZIP file says it needs a password, where can I find this???

  3. John Dohmen says:

    Sorry for bothering, problem solved !!

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