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Polish Rescue Boat R-33

Polish Rescue Boat R-33 Scale Model Plans are quite detailed. Most of the equipment on deck are clearly placed. R-33 is a simple and beautiful boat.

Polish Rescue Boat R-33 model plans

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Bernkastel Passenger Boat Scale Model Plans

Bernkastel Passenger Boat model Plans

Bernkastel is a passenger boat built in 1962 in Berlin, Germany. There are many almost identical boats which were divided into two types, 10m and 14m in length. Bernkastel is in 14m class.

The plans of this beautiful river boat are perfect for scale model building hobby. Blueprints of the boat are full of details. Even the vipers are drawn! The plan set also include some photos of the boat for reference. You’ll have a great time while you are building this boat’s model!

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Ottoman Imperial Caique (Saltanat Kayığı) Plans

Ottoman Emperial Caique Plans Saltanat Kayığı Planları

These boats called “Saltanat Kayığı” were used by Ottoman Sultans and their family in daily transportation or ceremonies. They were first seen after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered İstanbul, or Constantinopole at that time. There is even a song about this :) And they were used by 6th Mehmet last time until they were rebuilt for Istanbul 2010 European Cultural Capital organizations. Of course with an additional engine this time. I can not even think about rowing in bosphorus in the middle of that sea traffic and the currents…

The Plan is from French archives. Unfortunately Turkish archives are so poor about maritime history. The plan is quite clear and detailed. There are also some photos of the new built Ottoman Caiques and the ones in the museum. Enjoy building…

We are the sultans of modelling =)

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Viking Boat Drakkar Plans

Viking Boat Scale Model Plans

Here are two sets of Viking long ship scale model boat plans. There were several kinds of  boats similar to this in different sizes and uses. Knörr was built for crossing the Atlantic. Karve was for human transport. Faering was equip with two pairs of oars and the final one is the longship, drakkar.

Viking Ship Scale Model Plans

Once i got an e-mail which asked for these plans. I sent the plan set and i got a very interesting reply. Mother in law of the person who asked for the plans dies, they find her will and learn that she wants to have a funeral of Viking tradition. And according to the tradition, dead are burned in their boats with some items important for them. As you see, is not just for scale model hobby…

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Taka Plans

Blacksea Taka Scale Model Boat Plans

taka blacksea coastal boat plans

Taka is the popular beginner scale model boat in Turkey because of its simple structure and many people start their model ship building hobby with it. The plan is on two sheets and drawn by Mehmet Özkasım . The plan is quite clear but i took some notes on it to explain his directives which may help you guys.

This little boat type with a funny name and look, is the traditional coastal cargo and fishing boat of Blacksea shores of Anatolia. Taka’s are able to haul 4, 5 tons of cargo in their holds. The form of the boat was given according to experiences of struggling with mad sea by the sailors and fisherman of Blacksea region, who are also the boat builders. The boat is simple, strong enough to sail in unpredictable storms of Blacksea and light enough to pull aground when needed. Taka’s had a folding mast, which could be fitted with a sail and they also had oars. Mostly they were fitted with simple engines but the shape was quite primitive and the boat was not efficient for cruising. It is still possible to see examples, derivatives of taka around Blacksea Coast.

There is also a similar wooden boat bigger than Taka, which is called “Çektirme”. Çektirmes were the wooden coasters of Blacksea. They were able to haul around 20 – 250 tons of cargo. They were strongly built and it is said that you need to cut down a whole forest to build one. But to make a scale model of them, you don’t even need wood=)

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Practicos Pilot Boat

pilot boat blueprints

Free Pilot Boat Scale Model Plans

Here comes another pilot boat plan from the Practicos fleet. I believe this particular one is not active anymore. The plans are not so detailed. The hull lines are quite good but not enough for deck. Well, i get that as “feel free”.

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Lilka Pilot Boat Plans

pilot boarding to shipPilot boats are one of two familiar members of a port, or a straight along with the tugboats. Lilka is a typical pilot boat which bring pilots on board while ships are entering a harbour or passing through a straight or a dangerous area. These little boats board on the ships while they are cruising, and the pilots climb on board by accommodation ladder if they are lucky. If not, they climb by a Jacob’s ladder which is made with some line and wooden boards. It is very dangerous especially when the weather is not good. Think about the little pilot boat moving up and down on waves and you are hanging on the slippery ladder.


The scale model plan for Lilka is very simple and clear.lilka-pilot-boat plansr. There are also some info in Polish. The frames are pre designed for you. Some deck equipment is drawn either.

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Mistral Type Motor Boat

Mistral Motor Boat Scale Model Plans

mistral motor yacht plans

Mistral plans are perfect for scale model hobby! The plans are quiet clear and good for building. There are also some information in Polish. There are actually two sets of plans. One is perfect for RC model building. Even the frames are aligned in the sheet to consume minimum wood plate. just lay them down on wood and cut your frames, enjoy your hobby.  Mistral is popular in scale model makers. Mr. Satya Brata Maharana from India built RC Mistral from these plans. As far as i know, he also built Lilka pilot boat. Here is a video of his Mistral.

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SteamBoat Scale Model Plans

SteamBoat Scale Model Plans DampfPinasse

Here is a scale model hobby plan for a steamboat around 1900’s. Plans are in German. The plan includes also RC circuit diagrams, which may help for RC model builders. A common mistake for model ship building is assuming that the small boats are easy to build. It is actually about the details. For example the planking may not be that important if you are gonna paint the hull. But if it is just going to be lacquered, mistakes will be visible.

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