Ottoman Imperial Caique (Saltanat Kayığı) Plans

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Ottoman Emperial Caique Plans Saltanat Kayığı Planları

These boats called “Saltanat Kayığı” were used by Ottoman Sultans and their family in daily transportation or ceremonies. They were first seen after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered İstanbul, or Constantinopole at that time. There is even a song about this 🙂 And they were used by 6th Mehmet last time until they were rebuilt for Istanbul 2010 European Cultural Capital organizations. Of course with an additional engine this time. I can not even think about rowing in bosphorus in the middle of that sea traffic and the currents…

The Plan is from French archives. Unfortunately Turkish archives are so poor about maritime history. The plan is quite clear and detailed. There are also some photos of the new built Ottoman Caiques and the ones in the museum. Enjoy building…

We are the sultans of modelling =)

Click Here To Download Ottoman Emperial Caique Plans

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