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Fethiye Fishing Boat

model fishing boat fethiye balıkçısı plans blueprints

If you are a frequent visitor of this website, you might have read a lot of complaints about how hard it is to find traditional local boat plans before. Since the traditions are fading away with the new technology and cheaper, stronger materials, traditional wooden boats are disappearing from sight. But it looks like someone heard my complaints.

Nebi Yıkaroğlu, a local from Fethiye did a great job and prepared model boat plans for Fethiye fishing boat. With his efforts, another traditional boat is now meeting with model ship builders.

fethiye balikcisi fishing boat model plans 2

He always liked these little local fishing boats and wanted to make a model of one. But there were no drawings or any other material available. He shared his idea with Özer Özkadıoğlu, another local model boat builder from Antalya. Özer Özkadıoğlu was glad with his idea and he offered his support for Nebi’s project. During his drawing period, he also got Fikret Güvenç’s help.

fethiye balikcisi fishing boat model plans 3

Yes, he decided to draw a plan but he needed a boat for that right? When he saw one in a local boat yard, there was no chance to miss that opportunity. He spent a week on taking measurements on the boat. Luckily, there was a second boat waiting there to be dismantled. This was a perfect chance to see every detail of the boat. During the week, sometimes he went to the boat yard which is 10 kilometers away several times a day to make sure the measurements are right.

fethiye balikcisi fishing boat model plans 4

He prepared the plan set on two sheets. The plans are very clear and almost everything is obvious but i will add some translations on Nebi’s notes for you. Nebi and Özer also built the model, and shared their experience with us. Click here for tutorial.

fethiye balikcisi fishing boat model plans 6

Thank you Nebi for your gift to model boat building hobby. This is so valuable for us.

fethiye balikcisi fishing boat model plans 5

All the photos and the plan set are taken from Nebi Yıkaroğlu’s blog

Click here to download Fethiye Fishing Boat Plans

Click here to see Nebi’s building guide.

NordKap 476

nordkap_476 model boat blueprints

Our new scale model boat blueprint comes from Billing Boats. NordKap “476” is a typical north sea fishing trawler from 1970’s. Couldn’t find so many details but she was built in England. She was 40m long and 9.3m wide. Her 1000 HP diesel engine could get her up to 14 knots. She was fishing cod, herrings and trash fish around Iceland and greenland with a crew of 7-8 men.

The plans are actually for Billing Boats’ model boat kit. But still, there are the frames and so on. So i believe you can build a model out of these very detailed instructions.

Click here to download NordKap 476 fishing trawler blueprints


The patrol ship Tuman was a fishing trawler in her early life and she was named RT-10 before the war. She was 55m long and 9.06m wide. Her 700 hp engine could speed her up to 9 knots. She was built in 1931 by Danzig Gdansk. Tuman means “Fog”.


Then in 1941, her fishing equipment were taken out, 45mm guns were installed fore castle and aft superstructure. Two anti aircraft machine guns were installed to bridge wings. To the aft part, depth boms and smoke bombs were installed. She was based in Murmansk. She joined the operations against German attacks.

Then she was moved to patrol duty around island Kil’din – Navolok . In 10th of August, the crew of the ship saw a German patrol plane and soon they noticed 3 destroyers on the horizon. Then Tuman turned her heading to island Kil’din where Russian forces were located. When Tuman Manuevered, the destroyers also turned their heading towards the ship and they started chasing. Obviously a former fishing trawler did not have a chance to reach the shore before the modern German destroyers which were speeding around 36 knots. When the destroyers reached enough distance, they started fire. Tuman got 11 direct shots. The aft gun was damaged so the crew could not back fire properly.


The German fire cut the flag from the mast but K.D. Semenov and V.K. Blinov raised it back despite his injuries. The crew was fighting with fire onboard and also water leaks while trying to reach Russian shores. When Tuman made it to coverage, the Russian forces drew back the destroyers. With the help of Russians’ return fire and Tuman’s smoke screen, 37 of 52 crew on board Tuman was saved. The ship unfortunately sank. From that day, Russian naval vessels dip their flags and blow a long horn while passing island Kildin.

The model plans of this ship is in two high resolution tiff files. The body profile plan, the lines plan and the deck plan is included.

The Parts on the plan:

1 – line of the upper deck, 2 – anchor Hall 3 – steam windlass, 4 – bollards, 5 – breakwater, 6 – 45 mm gun (side and rear), 7 – Iranians for projectiles, 8 – cargo hatches 9 – roller trawl, 10 – Deck roller 13 – derrick  14 – trawl steam hoist, 16 – coal throat; 17 – pilot house with rooms and chart room shack, 18 – engine room telegraph, 19 – antenna finder, 20 – anti-aircraft gun, 21 – steering wheel, 22 – Spotlight; 23 – antenna input, 24 – compass; 25 – box for signal flags; 26 – klinket to receive fresh water 27 – machine skylight; 28 – mushroom vents, 29 – blinds boiler department, 30 – ventilation funnels engine room 31 – rope damper; 32 – banquet and aft guns side view of the 33 – shelving with depth charges; 34 – nest with smoke bombs, 35 – taken from space trawl sulfur 36 – Cabin ejector deflectors; 37 – deck scuppers; 38 – the rudder with chain shturtrosom; 39 – fender, 40 – aft inscription; 41 – propeller; 42 – shtagovye screw turnbuckles; 43 – naval flag of the Soviet Union, 44 – pennant.

Click here to download Tuman’s plans


hobby model ship plans skulte fishing boat

Hobby time! Scale model fishing fleet grows with Skulte fishing boat. We could not find so much info about this fishing vessel but the scale model plans are very clear. So it’s worth to publish this boat.

Model plans are distributed in four high quality .tiff files. There are general arrangement, hull lines and deck structures drawn. With less superstructure and deck equipment, it is a fairly simple boat to build. Enjoy building!

Click here to download


russian delfin class fishing vessel cuba fleet model plans

Lets go fishing in Cuba with trawler “Delfin”. Delfin is the first of the 5 sister fishing ships built in 1962 by Usuki Tekkosho Shipyards in Japan. These ships were called “Delfin Class Tuna Seiners”. Delfin (дэльфін) means Dolphin. The other sisters were Aguja, Aguaji, Dorado and Albacora. The first vessel Delfin was unfortunately wrecked in 1970. Also Aguja and Aguaji are steted to be dead. The last two vessels seem to be active but could not find any photo. An interesting fact about Albacora, her callsign is COCK.

The length of the vessel was 47.4 meters and width 7.98. They had a main engine which produced 700 HP. They could speed up to 11.5 knots.

We tried to restore the model ship plans and get back in shape. Hope you like this rusty trawler model plans.

Click here to download trawler plans

Al Moktashef

hobby al moktashef fishing vessel blueprints

Scale model fishing boats are quite popular in model building hobby. Generally the boats are small crafts or trawlers. Fishing boats has different characteristics according to the waters they are fishing. This time we have Al Moktashef model fishing boat plans for you, a boat with a different design from the others on the site.

hobby al moktashef fishing vessel blueprints

I was not able to translate the info from Polish, but our friend Piotr came for the rescue! Between 1961-70, Poland built 33 fishing vessels for the Kingdom of Libya including two research and training ships Al Moktashef and Al Baheth. They were designed to operate in Mediterranean Sea. The ships had two holds cooled down to 0C , two refrigerator stores for galley and fuel stove for food. There were laboratories for research and cabins for 12 students and the crew.

These ships were 27.5 m long, 7.3m wide. Their 425HP diesel engine could speed them up to 11 knots.

Color Scheme:

Below water line: Dark red
Freeboard: Light gray
Lifeboat: White
Lifebuoys: Yellow (Never saw this color on buoys)
Deck equipment: Black

Unfortunately we do not know the fate of these ships due to the lack of data about Libyan fishing fleet.

Click here to download the blueprints

Consul Pust

In the early days of fishing industry, the trawler Consul Pust surely was state of the art. And actually if we take a look at the equipment and the method, the design did not change for a long time. So get ready hobby modellers, we are building a fishing trawler!

modelling hobby consul pust trawler

There are not so much detail about this ship. With some search and guessing, i can provide some clues. She was probably built in 1919. She went fishing for the state till 1925. Then she was sold to another company. In WW2, she was used as an auxiliary vessel by French and British navy. She contuniued fishing after the war till 1957. Then she was scrapped.

The plans are quite clear . It seems like this model plan went so popular on the web, cause i have seen 3d models and even a lego set of it. Now it is your turn.

Click here to download the plans

Soviet B-25 Trawler

B-25 Type Soviet Trawler Scale Model Plans

soviet B 25 trawler drawing

B-25 trawler design is very cute, and would look so nice as a model ship. From 1955 to 1958, 16 fishing vessels were built on this design. Also 9 vessels with other purposes were built with this design like search and rescue or research vessels. They were a bit modernised version of the B-12 design. They were built by Gdynska Stocznia Remontowa shipyard in Gdynia, Poland. The boats were 24.11m long and 6.41m wide.

The plan is so simple and has enough details. Looks good for beginners.

Click here to download B-25 Trawler Blueprints

Artur Fishing Boat Plans

artur fishing boat scale model plans

Another fine scale model plan set comes as a fishing boat. Artur is a really cute boat and seems easy to build. Plans are quite clear. And the body shape is very suitable for RC boat conversion. So if you want to have fun, want to build a quick model, Artur is a good choice!

artur part 1

artur part 2

artur part 3

Princesse Loane

princesse loane trawler plans

It’s fishing time! Princesse Loane is a 16 meter trawler. She has a strange body form, looks like a bath tub toy . Maybe that is the fact that makes her cute. The name Princesse Loane is imaginary, the designer was inspired by the trawlers which are almost identical. The trawlers were mostly built in Vergoz by Concarneau shipyard, which is not active today. The boats are very seaworthy and tough. The trawler blueprints are pdf files, quite clean.

download princesse loane plans