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russian delfin class fishing vessel cuba fleet model plans

Lets go fishing in Cuba with trawler “Delfin”. Delfin is the first of the 5 sister fishing ships built in 1962 by Usuki Tekkosho Shipyards in Japan. These ships were called “Delfin Class Tuna Seiners”. Delfin (дэльфін) means Dolphin. The other sisters were Aguja, Aguaji, Dorado and Albacora. The first vessel Delfin was unfortunately wrecked in 1970. Also Aguja and Aguaji are steted to be dead. The last two vessels seem to be active but could not find any photo. An interesting fact about Albacora, her callsign is COCK.

The length of the vessel was 47.4 meters and width 7.98. They had a main engine which produced 700 HP. They could speed up to 11.5 knots.

We tried to restore the model ship plans and get back in shape. Hope you like this rusty trawler model plans.

Click here to download trawler plans

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