Al Moktashef

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hobby al moktashef fishing vessel blueprints

Scale model fishing boats are quite popular in model building hobby. Generally the boats are small crafts or trawlers. Fishing boats has different characteristics according to the waters they are fishing. This time we have Al Moktashef model fishing boat plans for you, a boat with a different design from the others on the site.

hobby al moktashef fishing vessel blueprints

I was not able to translate the info from Polish, but our friend Piotr came for the rescue! Between 1961-70, Poland built 33 fishing vessels for the Kingdom of Libya including two research and training ships Al Moktashef and Al Baheth. They were designed to operate in Mediterranean Sea. The ships had two holds cooled down to 0C , two refrigerator stores for galley and fuel stove for food. There were laboratories for research and cabins for 12 students and the crew.

These ships were 27.5 m long, 7.3m wide. Their 425HP diesel engine could speed them up to 11 knots.

Color Scheme:

Below water line: Dark red
Freeboard: Light gray
Lifeboat: White
Lifebuoys: Yellow (Never saw this color on buoys)
Deck equipment: Black

Unfortunately we do not know the fate of these ships due to the lack of data about Libyan fishing fleet.

Click here to download the blueprints

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  1. john hanscomb says:

    need plans of model boats so i can start a hobby i’m interested in model boat building if can send me inthe right direction.

  2. John Goodwin says:

    I am just starting out and want to build a model like in the movie “The Perfect Storm” .

  3. Gerd Mrongovius says:

    It’s not possible to download several plans

  4. ed noseworthy says:

    how can I get the model plans for Al Moktashef

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