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Santa Maria Plans

Santa Maria Sail Ship Plans


These scale model plans are the ones that you need to build a ship to explore new lands. But be carefull you may think you found India but you may find out it is a brand new continent. Yes, Santa Maria is largest of the three ships Christopher Colombus in his first Voyage.

The plans are quiet clear and easy to understand. Santa Maria is very popular beginner plan for tall ship model makers. Happy building then!

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Clipper Ariel

Sail Ship Ariel Scale Model Plans

Ariel is our first tall ship scale model plan set. The plans of Ariel are clear and quite detailed. There are even lines of the row boats of ship. She was 60.2 meters long, 10.3 meters wide and 6.4 meters deep.

Clipper Ariel tall ship plans sail ship blueprints

Ariel is a clipper. Clippers long and narrow ships and they are equipped with full rig to get use of the wind as much as possible. She has a fame in 1866’s tea race. Tea race is an unofficial competition between clippers sailing from China to England to bring the first crop of the season. Ariel was neck to neck in 1966 with another clipper called Taeping, but she was the second.

Unfortunately she was lost while she was sailing to Australia. All left from this fast and glorious ship was some wreck to give clues of her fate. But now you are going to build and carry her legacy.

 Click here to download Clipper Ariel’s scale model plans