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Ore Carrier Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya

Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya ore carrier model ship plans

Here comes a giant to our cargo ship fleet. Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya is an ore carrier ship from USSR . Could not find enough pictures and info about the ship but lets take a look at who Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya is.Космодемьянская_Зоя_Анатольевна She was a soviet partizan and she is seen as a hero in Soviet Union. She was assined to set fire the German horse stables. She managed to burn the stables and a couple of houses but she was caught by the German. She refused to give any information and after that she was executed.  Her final words were purported to be “Comrades! Why are you so gloomy? I am not afraid to die! I am happy to die for my people!” and to the Germans, “You’ll hang me now, but I am not alone. There are two hundred million of us. You can’t hang us all.” This is where the ships comes from. Hope the mankind can set peace all around the world and we never see a war…

Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya ore carrier model ship plans blueprints

She was 214,2 meters long, 31,8 meters wide and 16.8meters deep. She has 8 cargo holds. The plan is said to be 1/500 but you better check everything again. The plan set has some tips that ease your way to build the scale model. Enjoy your hobby!

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Vital Spark Clyde Puffer Plans

vital spark clyde puffer blueprintsWe told you a little about the Clyde Puffer Vital Spark and Captain Para Handy before, when we posted Lochinvar Clyde Puffer plans. Vital Spark is a fictional puffer in stories of Scottish writer Neil Munro . It is mostly known from tv series on BBC. The puffer used in the series was the puffer Saxon .

The plans are mode detailed and cleaner than Locihinvar. You can find them both in .dxf and .pdf formats. There are hull line plans, deck plans and rigging plans in the set. Puffers are nice models to built. I can not say they are so easy, but one of the easiest scale model ships to build.

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Clyde Puffer Lochinvar

Lochinvar Clyde Puffer Plans.

There are so many things to say about Clyde puffers, but one thing is sure. They are “cute”, even people who are not interested in maritime or modelling like them at the first sight.

There are many sources where you can find photos, details and information about these small cargo ships, but i couldn’t find any photos of a puffer called Lochinvar. Maybe someone just named the plan like this. Lochinvar is a lake in Scotland, maybe she was running in it…

The Clyde puffers were barge like steamboats hauling goods between west coast  islands of Scotland. They have one mast with a derrick, which can also support a sail rarely used. They have flat bottoms and this enables them to beach and unload cargo when there’s no pier. They got their fame after BBC shoot short series based on Neil Munro’s stories about the puffer Vital Spark and her captain Para Handy. Here you go with an episode. Hi yaaa hooo ya ho :)

This is just a single piece plan, and not so detailed. But still enough to build a scale model, with reference of pictures which you can find by clicking here. 

You can click on the image to wiev in full size and download the plan.



Kümo 500 Heringsdorf Coaster Plans

Heringsdorf – Kümo 500 Coaster Ship Free Scale Model Plans

Free coaster scale model blue prints merchant ship


Heringsdorf coaster is a good set if you want to build a scale model of a cargo ship which is not so hard and confusing. This scale model blueprint also has some challenges but in general, the ship is simple and the blueprints help you a lot to build her model.  And somehow, i like coasters a lot. The plans are quite detailed and drawn for scale modelling. This helps at the curvy parts of the ship. I also included some photos of the 16 sister ships, which may help as a reference while you are building the model.

Lets take a look at the history of these ships which were a series of coasters known as “Kümo 500″ . Kümo means “Coaster” in German. Ich bin schocoladen pudding. As far as i could figure out through some research and translation, these series were built between 1955 – 1957 . Heringsdorf was the last one in the series of 16 sister ships. The others were Wolgast, Greifswald, Anklam, Warnemünde, Wustrow, Sassnitz , Kühlungsborn,(The ships up to now were the first part, the second part listed after this are slightly different) Graal Müritz, Ahrenshoop, Wieck, Zingst, Barhöft, Peenemünde and Koserow. These ships are imortent because they are the first serie of ships built by East German shipyards. They were used mainly  in coastal trade in North and Baltic Sea. Kümo 500 name is probably coming from the capacity of these coasters.  They have two hatches, two electric cranes each able to lift 3 tons.

Some specifications about the ships:

Length: 49.90 m
Beam: 8.20 m
Side height: 3.75 m
Capacity: 500 t
Speed: 9.5 kn
Crew: 11 men

Click here to download the plans of the ship for free


Blanik Freighter Plans

Free Model Ship Plans for Blanik Cargo Ship

Cargo ships are not prefered as others in model ship building but in my opinion, there are so many beautiful cargo ships which seduce scale model builders. Blanik is just one of them. We will continue adding more free model ship blueprints of cargo vessels.

M/S Blanik Free Model Ship Plans

Taken from shipspotting.com

There are deck plans, lines plan, and general arrangement plans in this set. The scanning is not so good but with some arrangements you can handle it. Also there are some details about the equipment on the deck.

Blanik was built in Poland in 1967. The ship was 124m in length, 17m in Width. She has also passenger compartiments like the other freighters around that age.


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