Kümo 500 Heringsdorf Coaster Plans

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Heringsdorf – Kümo 500 Coaster Ship Free Scale Model Plans

Free coaster scale model blue prints merchant ship


Heringsdorf coaster is a good set if you want to build a scale model of a cargo ship which is not so hard and confusing. This scale model blueprint also has some challenges but in general, the ship is simple and the blueprints help you a lot to build her model.  And somehow, i like coasters a lot. The plans are quite detailed and drawn for scale modelling. This helps at the curvy parts of the ship. I also included some photos of the 16 sister ships, which may help as a reference while you are building the model.

Lets take a look at the history of these ships which were a series of coasters known as “Kümo 500” . Kümo means “Coaster” in German. Ich bin schocoladen pudding. As far as i could figure out through some research and translation, these series were built between 1955 – 1957 . Heringsdorf was the last one in the series of 16 sister ships. The others were Wolgast, Greifswald, Anklam, Warnemünde, Wustrow, Sassnitz , Kühlungsborn,(The ships up to now were the first part, the second part listed after this are slightly different) Graal Müritz, Ahrenshoop, Wieck, Zingst, Barhöft, Peenemünde and Koserow. These ships are imortent because they are the first serie of ships built by East German shipyards. They were used mainly  in coastal trade in North and Baltic Sea. Kümo 500 name is probably coming from the capacity of these coasters.  They have two hatches, two electric cranes each able to lift 3 tons.

Some specifications about the ships:

Length: 49.90 m
Beam: 8.20 m
Side height: 3.75 m
Capacity: 500 t
Speed: 9.5 kn
Crew: 11 men

Click here to download the plans of the ship for free


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