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Blacksea Taka Scale Model Boat Plans

taka blacksea coastal boat plans

Taka is the popular beginner scale model boat in Turkey because of its simple structure and many people start their model ship building hobby with it. The plan is on two sheets and drawn by Mehmet Özkasım . The plan is quite clear but i took some notes on it to explain his directives which may help you guys.

This little boat type with a funny name and look, is the traditional coastal cargo and fishing boat of Blacksea shores of Anatolia. Taka’s are able to haul 4, 5 tons of cargo in their holds. The form of the boat was given according to experiences of struggling with mad sea by the sailors and fisherman of Blacksea region, who are also the boat builders. The boat is simple, strong enough to sail in unpredictable storms of Blacksea and light enough to pull aground when needed. Taka’s had a folding mast, which could be fitted with a sail and they also had oars. Mostly they were fitted with simple engines but the shape was quite primitive and the boat was not efficient for cruising. It is still possible to see examples, derivatives of taka around Blacksea Coast.

There is also a similar wooden boat bigger than Taka, which is called “Çektirme”. Çektirmes were the wooden coasters of Blacksea. They were able to haul around 20 – 250 tons of cargo. They were strongly built and it is said that you need to cut down a whole forest to build one. But to make a scale model of them, you don’t even need wood=)

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  1. October 24, 2014

    […] When Ottoman Empire took its place among the losers of WW1, Ottoman Navy was prisoned in Haliç bay (Golden Horn) and sentenced to rust. The civillian ships were also being operated under a tightly inspected environment. In those days, Turkish Independence War was about to be born. There was a huge need of everything including ships. In a stormy weather, ottoman vessel Tir-i Müjgan ran aground in Samsun and  Alemdar headed towards there. While the salvage was going on, independence forces saw Alemdar and thought she would be so useful for them. Because to carry supplies, they only had small boats and some traditional boats called “taka”. […]

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