Elbehafen 1 Fire Fighting Tug Plans

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Elbehafen Fire Fighting Tugboat Scale Model Plans


If you are one of scale model tugboat fans, Elbehafen is perfect for you! The plans are very detailed from hull lines to deck equipment. Unfortunately i couldn’t find any more pictures of this babe.

Elbehafen was built in 1971. She is an ice breaker tugboat equipped with fire fighting gear and a tall mast to reach upper decks of ships. She was sold to Chile in 1981. That is all i could learn about it… There are some pictures of previous built models, you can google them.

Click here to download the plans


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  1. FRBO says:

    I’ve done some research and found the name given in Chile to this ship in 1981 was Ultramar IX. It was renamed Kiwi in 2000. Then (not sure when) it was relocated to Perú and renamed El Brujo.
    Very sadly, it was involved in some human rights violations during the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile (it was allegedly used by some chilean navy personel to drop corpses into the ocean)

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