Saint Charles

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steam tug saint charles model ship plans

Steamer tugboat Saint Charles model plans. She was built in 1918 by Chantiers de la Loire shipyard for French Navy under the name “Coq” . She had other sisters and she also give her name to her class.  Then it seems that she continued in civil service. In 1943 her boilers were converted to oil heating. In 1955, the fore part was rebuilt. In 1957 the steam engine was replaced with a Krupp diesel and a hydraulic clutch was added. Two generators were installed to the space left from the boilers. In 1980, she was sent for scrap.

model tugboat hobby saint charles tug plans

The length between perpendiculars 42.75m . Width: 8.25m . Full riveted construction.

The scale model plans are not in high quality but allows you to build a model tugboat. The plan set is on two sheets. She is a beautiful tugboat. Have fun!

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