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Our passion about our hobby gives us the courage to get things fixed sometimes. This scale model plan set was scanned from an old hard copy and was in 24 sheets which were in terrible shape. It took me some hours to get the blueprint parts together to form a complete scale model ship plan. I must say i am not the best at restoring plans but i think now you can build a model out of this model ship plan set. I tried to clean as much as i can so you’ll get clean prints. Now it is on 4 pages.

hobby stanislaw model tug plans maritime ship

Well the tugboat’s name was written Stanislav on the folder, but on the plan it is something like “Staniskaw” . So i am not also sure about the name. I couldn’t find anything on web about a real tugboat like this. If you are from Poland and you know about this tug, or you think that you can find info, please contact us.

The plan set is one of the most detailed ones in the site. It has almost everything drawn onboard. Even the chart table 🙂 So you can get this tugboat ready piece by piece. Enjoy!

Click here to download Stanislav Tugboat Plans

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  1. Hubert Piszczatowski says:

    Tugboat ” STANISŁAW” (stanislav pronunciation) was one of thirteen tugboats bought from German Democratic Republic in fifties and sixties.In Poland they where christened ANATOL, HEROS, MARIAN, MASŁAW, MIECZYSŁAW, MŚCIWÓJ, ROBERT, ROSOMAK, STANISŁAW, TUMAK,, ZBIGNIEW, (made in 1957 to 1958) and GRZEGORZ, STEFAN (build in 1964). They where build based on German design nr. 501 (Seiner-Schlepper 501) in river shipyards in Brandenburg City and Magdeburg city. Big number of thews vessels (143 to be exact) was taken over by Soviet Union.
    Thugboat STANISŁAW was build in VEB Schiffswerft Edgar Andre, Magdeburg
    – Rothensee shipyard in 1957 (build number 627/38).
    speed 10 knots
    engine Buckau-Wolf 6 cylinder
    power 400 hp
    crew 7 people
    STANISLAW from the beginning of his life was used by Przedsiębiorstwa Robót
    Czerpalnych i Podwodnych.(Enterprises of Dredging and Underwater Work)
    I am not an autor of original text i only made translation from polish

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