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Since 2008, we are trying to provide free plans for scale model ship builders by collecting the free content together from many distributed sources on internet. We started our effort with a blog and after getting so many requests, we builded a simple web site for free scale model plans. At that time, we didn’t have so much technical possibilities. For example we didn’t have enough space to host the blueprints. So we were using third party file hosting solutions which caused so many problems due to expiration of file hosting time and it was sometimes hard and complex to download. At last, we had a couple of disasters… First, all the files expired. Then we lost nearly all of our data. There are also some other personal excuses which extended the time to get everything back. But this actually brought something good in the end. new web site

the new look

Now we have a much better web site environment. A better look, easier navigation and a platform promising new abilities. We are trying to improve the site and the content and bring it further. We are trying to publish more content, articles, tutorials, videos, picture galleries beside the plans and blueprints. I still can not promise to add regular content, because unfortunately scale model building is only a hobby for me like many of you. But the new platform is more interactive and this leads to have better contribution abilities.

We appreciate your support and attention which is our biggest motivation. Please keep supporting by spreading site, and fallowing us on social media.

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