Riva Aquarama Scale Model Plans

riva aquarama motor boat scale model

We have been asked for plans of Riva Aquarama for many times and finaly i could manage to publish. I am not good at speed cars but Riva’s Aquarama model is said to be the Ferrari of the seas. It is a luxury motor boat designed by Riva, a company founded in 1800’s. The boat was inspired by the Chris Craft boats. There were 4 models of the boat, Aquarama, Aquarama Lungo, Super Aquarama and Aquarama Special. All were twin engined and speeded up to 50 knots!

The plans are clean and guiding. If you want to build a mahogany scale model ship, this is the right one for you.

Click here to Riva Aquarama plans

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  1. Trevor Allan says:

    Plans for a riva aquarama model would like to buy

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