Norway’s new bank note designs

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Norges Bank introduced the new bank notes of Norway which are set to be released in 2017. The new design of the bank notes are pieces of art, which shows Norway’s connection with sea. The designs were choosen after a competition held in spring 2014. The front side of the bank notes contains the designs of a graphic design studio “The Metric System” and Terje Tønnessen, and on the back side there are pixelated forms which are called “Ripple Effects” by Enzo Finger.

If someone hands you one of the new design krones, it won’t be hard for you to guess it is Norway’s cash with the design shows Norway’s national identity so clear.

The designs are so beautiful, you’ll want billions of them =)

1 new-norwegian-banknote-ship 2 new norwegian bank note 3 norwegian bank note design with fish 4 norwegian sea theme bank notes 5 norway ocean bank note 12 norway lighthouse bank note 22 norway new viking ship bank note 32 norway new bank note 200 krone 42 norway sail ship bank note 500 krone 52 norway bank note 1000 krone


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