Wayne Mazotta’s ocean liners on canvas

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S/S America ocean liner maritime paintings Wayne Mazzotto

If a hobby passes over a certain limit of popularity, it creates a market and then comes the side products. Ofcourse as well as good ones, there are bad ones. This motion even effects the art related to this hobby. I am sure you all know mass produced maritime theme paintings made by someone who have no idea about maritime and since the only aim is to sell, the esthetic and creativity is low. Because of this, good work of art is always appreciated by the people who has a passion for that hobby. Like Wayne Mazzotta’s beautiful paintings.

classic car ocean liner maritime paintings Wayne Mazzotto

I found his website www.oceanlinerpaintings.com while i was doing a research for something else. I really liked his compositions, ocean liners combined with classic cars and i found myself arranging space on my walls to hang the paintings. But seems like it has to wait a little more, cause i will be away for at least two years for training. But you might want one for yourself. So visit www.oceanlinerpaintings.com and see his great paintings.

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