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Videos about scale model making hobby.

MV Northia istanbul shipspotting 1

Shipspotting at Istanbul Straight

Share This: Well, it’s a very usual thing for Istanbullers to come across a steel wall while they are trying to cross Bosphorus Straight on the way to job. This time i had the chance...

blue star ferry extreme manuever 0

Blue Star ferry docks like a boss!

Share This: In rthis video, we see a Blue Star ferry (couldn’t see the name of the ship. Maybe Ithaki or her sister Naxos… ) docking just like parallel parking a car with hand...

psalm 1 tugboat ship accident video 0

Tugboat Psalm 1’s Accident

Share This: This video shows the tugboat first crashes to the dock, and then rams into a ferry and another tug. Psalm is a 37 m wide and 11.4 m tugboat. She was built...

the wire nest documentary ship breaking alang mumbai 0

The Wire Nest Documentary

Share This: In this video, we see the despair of the birds living around ship breaking yards of Mumbai just like the people working there.

M/V Becrux livestock ship documentary 0

M/V Becrux and her first class passengers

Share This:   Our four legged friends pack their suitcases, wear fancy clothes and run to the docks to their cruise ship MV Becrux. The ship has a single class configuration which provides the...

emma maersk documentary 0

Emma Maersk

Share This: Commercial shipping has changed a lot as the life got faster. Conventional cargo shipping left its place to container shipping. And as the world demand grew, the container ships grew… In this...

supertanker documentary pierre guillaumat documentary 0

Oil Tankers Documentary

Share This: This documentary will take you to a trip in oil tankers’ history. The oil tankers began to shape after usage of petrol and its products increased. But were there any of them...