M/S Paşabahçe cruising towards Istanbul sunset…

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Till she was taken out of service, i was onboard M/S Paşabahçe whenever i had free time. This ferry has a special place in Istanbul, especially in hearts of islanders. Paşabahçe linked Istanbul to Prince Islands and to Yalova since 1952. Untill she was taken out of service in 2010, she was the largest ever built (still is), oldest in service and still the fastest ferry in Istanbul. Unfortunately she is berthed to a little pier in Paşabahçe shore, where she takes her name from and being used as a wedding venue. Her beautiful wooden windows on fore and aft top decks were replaced by pvc windows by a retarded renovation.

This video shows Paşabahçe taking on another ferry, cruising towards istanbul sunset. The video is taken by Captain Çetin Pehlivan, who worked on Paşabahçe as first officer before he became Captain. He can not hide his feelings about the ship :)

I will write a detailed article about her soon.

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