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After the second world war ended, Europe was trying to get back on feet. On those hard days, it was not so easy for Poland to build brand new ships or buy them. So they came up with a different solution. They took the uncomplete hulls or wrecks of war ships, and transformed them into passenger vessels for Poland coastal transport.

polish passenger vessel julia 1948

Before she became Julia, the hull was an uncomplete German torpedo boat. She also involved a little known story. On  the day of launch, she broke the feist table preapared for the VIP while she was sliding towards water. Some people were injured in this incident. She was launched later without publicity in 1948. Later, she served for tourists and holiday makers. In 1959 she was taken out of service and scrapped. So she had a relatively short life.

She was 34m long and 5.1m wide. She had an engine producing 280HP which sailed her with 10 knots speed. 6 crew members were responsible of 162 passengers.

The model ship plans are in a good shape. She has an interesting superstructure around the bridge. The bridge is very curvy. Would be fun to build her. Enjoy…

Click here to download Julia’s model ship plans

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