Güzelhisar Bosphorus Passenger Ferry Plans

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Güzelhisar Bosphorus Ferry Scale Model Plans

I directly copied this post from the old site. I still feel so sad about losing these beauties. The last two oldschool ferries of Istanbul are not in service anymore. M/V Fenerbahçe is in Rahmi Koç Museum now but M/S Paşabahçe is not that lucky. She is a floating wedding venue now…

Güzelhisar passenger ferry scale model plans

And here is one of the best model ship plans in the archive. Güzelhisar.

She was built in 1911 by R&W Hawthorn Leslie& CoLd in NewCastle England. She had a sister named “Kalender” . The owner of the ship was Seyr-i Sefain İdaresi which was the bosphorus ferry company of Istanbul , Turkiye. She had 970 passenger capability in summer and 790 in winter. She was 46.41 Meters long and 7.95 meters wide and she was a double screw, tripple expantion steam engined ferry. Served between 1911-1986 (75 years!) and after retirement, Turkish businesman Rahmi Koç bought her to restore but nobody heard about the restoration after that. She was the last ship of seyr-i sefain idaresi. (Then company named Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri).

Edit: The remains of her was also scrapped last year.

Many of the old bosphorus ships are scrapped, sold for converting to restaurants/hotels or retired and waiting for their destiny. The last valueable one is a 1961 clyde built steamer ferry waiting in Haliç. Their engines are known as the highest level in steam technology, that never used in ferries before or after them. whatever…

EDIT: Last Glasgow fairfields built steamer, and the last steamer of Turkey S/S Teğmen Ali İhsan Kalmaz is scrapped 🙁 When will we learn to care about our past?

Hope everyone who downloaded this plans starts to build this beauty, i couldn’t catch her time in service but it would be nice to see people building her…


Click here to download the plans.


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  1. liz says:

    my grandmothers partners father was the captain of the bosphrus 68 in 1911. Robert carter downie.
    I have a picture of the steamer in full steam from the time.

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