City Ferries Racing!

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Well, it is never an official race, but there is a little friendly competition between the ferries in rare cases like these. On that beautiful Istanbul afternoon, we were crossing bosphorus from Karaköy to Kadıköy with the ferry M/S Beşiktaş 1 when we came together with M/S Şehit Mustafa Aydoğdu which was going to Kadıköy as well departing from Eminönü. While these almost identical ferries were cruising parallel, a passenger boat Kırçıloğlu popped out from our stern with an enormous engine sound tried to catch up but it was not that easy to take over from that narrow coridor and also i don’t think that the boat could do that. Our Ferry had to stop by Haydarpaşa pier, so we slowed down after a while.
If there was M/S Paşabahçe around, she would definitely be the champion with her cruising speed over 18 knots . I miss her so much! Then comes the beautiful M/V Fenerbahçe. We will tell about these beautiful ships later on. Enjoy the video!

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