Want to learn Lofting, Half Hull Model Making, Boat/Shipbuilding?

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Want to learn Lofting, Half Hull Model Making, Boat/Shipbuilding

While having a great learning vacation/holiday

Then the Sherbrooke Shipbuilding Shop is the place for you

the loftsman

The new Sherbrooke Shipbuilding Shop is now open and taking registrations for your Vacation/Holiday with a difference a chance to learn while on holiday in a wonderful location set in Nova Scotia, Canada.

A place steeped in the traditions of boat and shipbuilding located inside what is the largest museum site in Nova Scotia.

All courses are run by a apprenticed time served Loftsman who has being in the business for many years and is well placed to pass on the knowledge that was once the reserve of a very few.

The courses are all at very good prices with the fact that accommodation can be arranged for you as well just 2 minutes walk from the famous SherbrookeVillage museum site with discounted prices for course attendees.

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The holiday with a difference where you can make a difference and learn some real skills to allow you to build your own dream boat if this is your dream make it so at the Shipbuilding Shop

sherbrooke shipbuilding

The Sherbrooke Shipbuilding Shop at Sherbrooke Village, Nova Scotia, Canada

Set on the banks of the St Mary’s river were they used to build some of the fine schooners and Brigantines from a time past but the skills remain and you can participate in the courses turning a great Vacation/Holiday into a wonderful learning experience, one that could be very useful and indeed should you be wishing to build your own boat one day then the traditional skill of Lofting is the first fundamental to learn.

Check out our website to see what other great courses are on offer and contact us at



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