Captain Phillips

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In April 2009 was an extra ordinary time for Maersk Alabama crew. Their ship was under pirate attack. They did everything they could but couldn’t help their ship to escape. Maersk Alabama became the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in 200 years.


Then a game started between the crew and the pirates onboard. Two other men stayed at the bridge with the ship’s captain Richard Phillips. The rest of the crew hid in the engine room and took the control from there. The pirates and crew’s challenge lasted after the pirates took capt Phillips with them and left the ship with the lifeboat. Days after, captain was rescued by us navy seals. The fate of the pirates were sad…


Captain Richard Phillips with Tom Hanks and his ugly moustache.

Richard Phillips  published the book “A Captains Duty” a year after written by Stephan Talty. And pirate attacks were rising very fast in 2010, the year the book published. So the book took some attention.

In 2013 this event became a movie directed by Paul Greengrass . Tom Hanks acts as Richard Phillips and with this role, he is nominated best actor for Oscar. The movie is rated 8.1 on IMDB so far by over 68000 users. See the trailer below.

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