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We were not able to give enough information about Emilka and we did not have her pictures. But thanks to Piotr S. Szadkowski, now we have some info.

emilka mini tugboat model plans

Emilka was a prototype of a harbor motorboat (or Mini-Tug) designed for mooring, maneuvering and towing tasks , by engineer Waldemar Piłat from PROREM Industries. She was build in 1982 in Tczew River Shipyard. EMILKA served in Gdańsk Shipyard and she’s still in service.
Development of the project are M-35\MW Motorboats, which are still in the service in polish navy. There were seven units built for the Navy, but only M-22, M-12, M-21, M-35 are in service right now. (in 8. Coastal Defense Fleet), the M-36 served in Maritime Border Guard Department.
These little ships can carry 7 passengers or 2.5 tons of cargo.

emilka little tugboat scale model ship plan

An easy model ship plan to work with, the set is very clear and all the deck equipment is drawn additionaly. And there is not so much deck equipment we can add =) .

Click here to download Emilka model tugboat plans

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  1. Abhilash says:


    good day to you.

    I am working as a Naval Architect in Grandweld Shipyard Dubai, UAE.
    I was wondering, regarding the mini tug boat ‘EMILKA’, could you please share any details of the type of propulsion engine used. Mainly I require the power, cooling type (air or water) and speed achieved.
    Also request to provide a general arrangement plan of the boat, if plausible.

    Thank you
    Naval Architect
    Grandweld Shipyard
    Dubai, UAE

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