SAR boat Halny

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Halny SAR Vessel statek

If you are looking for search and rescue boat scale model plans, Halny is a perfect  piece for you. Halny  was a Polish SAR vessel based in Gdynia port, but now it appears that she changed her mission. Could not find any detailed info about her. There are two old photos taken from a sar operation. I learned that Halny is a warm windstorm blowing through the valleys of Slovakia. If you know Polish and you think that you can give a hand, please provide us some more details.

I included some photos of Halny and her sisters which i hope will help you to build your model. The plan set is very detailed and optimized for scale model building. There is also extra sheets for paper model. She has a low drought and her propellers are located close up to the hull, and hull is curved in to allow space for them. So she can operate also in shallow waters. Two screws and rudders give her manueverability. Her curved hull gives her a nice look. Now it is time to let you download the plans.

Click here to download Halny Scale Model Plans

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  1. Daniël says:

    Hello, this ship is actualy still in service, worked with her between 2006 and 2009.
    She was assisting us with dredging works in Poland.
    She currently does a lot of jobs, sportfishing, towing, and various assisting with
    homeport Łeba, Poland.
    In the link you can see current paintjob(blue hull)

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