Lilla Weneda Plans ( paper model ship )

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Lilla Weneda River Ferry

Lilla Wenada river ferry scale model plans

Yeah it says paper model ship plans at the title but you can easily convert it to normal scale model ship. Plus, it is easier to build the superstructure and body curves with the help of these blueprints. Polish ferry Lilla Weneda is one of my favourite scale model ship plans in the site.

Lilla Weneda was one of the ten sister ships built between 1961-64 by Gdansk Shipyard as a river ferry. Her sisters were AldonaRoza Weneda, Balladyna, Alina, Ellenai, Laura, Mary, Judith and Grazyna. They were known as Sz-600 or w-600, equipped with 600hp engines. These ferries were the first coastal passenger ships fully designed and constructed in Poland. Then 8+2 other ships joined as sisters with slight differences. They were called SZ-390 . Only Ewa had significant differences. She was a little luxurious.

I included some pictures of the sister ships to the plan set. I couldn’t find enough data toreveal her service history completely except i can guess she was used as a floating restaurant lately under the name “Juliana”. But i came across with a very sad photo. Seems like she was heavily damaged by  fire.

Juliana - Lilla Weneda ferry restaurant fire

Her first name still can be seen under paint.

The plans are suitable for paper modelling (cardboard model ships…) , regular wood scale model construction or you can also add rc equipment in the hull.

Click here to download Lilla Wenedamodel plans

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    […] ago, we published Lilla Weneda, one of 10 sister ships built in 1961-64 with the code SZ-600. Then 8 +2 new ships built with code […]

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