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Norway always was good at maritime and they are also good at preserving their maritime history. The steamship Børøysund is a sign for that.

boroysund norwegian steam ship
Børøysund was launched in 1908 with the name “Odin”. She served under this name during the WW1 helping navy. She was sold to another company and renamed “Skjergar”. Until 1960 she served under passenger service and then she was bought by a school and named “Hyma”. In 1968, the school sold the ship to a historical ship preservation club and she got the name Børøysund. She still is operational and  making tours.

boroysund steam ship norway

The ship is 33.1m long, 5.5m wide. She can carry 100 passengers and can speed up to 9 knots with her triple expansion steam engine. You can visit the club’s web site by clicking here. 

The plans are quite clear and nice. Not specially for model building but you can handle them with a little effort. Enjoy building this beauty!

Click here to download Boroysund

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2 Responses

  1. Yury says:

    Yes, indeed it is, Børøysund a very beautiful ship.
    Studio 3DMedia-Art “Kalinka” began work on an exact duplicate of this vessel in 3D. Did a lot of pictures, developed the drawings.
    The model is planned to finish in January 2017. Basic Program for these project – Autodesk_3dsmax. Estimated number of polygons, about 160 000. The texture, uvw mapping – non overlapping.

  2. willie says:

    where can I purchase a model kit of a Glasgow Puffer?

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