Monterey Fishing Boat Blueprints

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If you are just beginning to scale model building hobby, this plan set is just perfect for you! Monterey fishing boat belongs to San Fransisco Bay, Monterey Bay and Sacramento delta. The boat design was taken there by Itallians around 1860s. After industrialization, the boat was not efficient for fishing anymore. Now you still can see them as a pleasure craft.

monterey fishing boat rc scale model plans

The model plans are very clear and just made for scale modelling. Frames, the deck, the equipment are already drawn for you . You just need to lay the plans and cut them out. There is not much detail about the scale, as each of them are unique. They were not built by plans, just by the eyes of talented carpenters. The only thing i can say about dimensions is they are mostly smaller than 9 meters. As far as i see, you can even print the plans on A4s… The plans are suitable for RC model boat building. Enjoy building your fishing boat!

Click here to download monterey rc boat plans

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3 Responses

  1. Bruno says:

    I’m trying to build a boat following these plans. But it seems to have a problem with the caves 3 and 4. They do not follow the line of the boat.
    Anyone had this problem?

  2. selami says:

    RC model boat

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