Victory Ship Private Frederick C. Murphy

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USAT Maritime Victory ship plans history frederic c murphyWW2 era was a very interesting period for maritime history. Ship building industry had to deal with so many challenges. Merchant fleet was contuniously attacked and shipyards had to build as fast as the fleet sinks to maintain the logistic line. And they were short of material. Very interesting solutions appeared like wooden cargo ships. (Click here to see Ferris Design Ships)  . There were two designs which kept the merchant fleet alive. The Liberty Ships and Victory Ships. Our model plan set in this topic is a Victory Ship Private Frederick C.Murphy .

The ship carried the name Private Frederick C.Murphy was formerly named SS Maritime Victory. She was launched 22 May 1945 by Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards. As a member of the Victory design, she was 139m long, 19m wide. She had a steam turbine and was capable of 17 knots. Some part of her holds were converted to troop berthing which distinguished her from other victory ships. She carried troops for some time and joined humanitarian missions after the war. Then she was transfered to U.S. Army and renamed Frederick C. Murphy in honor of the first aid soldier who was lost while trying to help wounded.

She then joined the Beaumont Reserve Fleet and laid up in 1950. in 2006 she was removed out of inventory and she was waiting for scrapping. Probably she was scrapped in 2008.

victory ship frederick c murphy scrap yard

Many victory ships were sold after the war and used by merchant shipping companies all over the world. Turkish state maritime lines was one of the operators. Çoruh, Manisa, Aydın and Yozgat sailed with the double anchor livery for a long time.

Turkish S. S. Yozgat victory ship

manisa turkish victory ship

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The plans are quite clear as a pdf file there are additional pictures. Plans are located at last pages of the pdf. Click here to download the complete HAER report. Or if you want just the plans

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